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Whirlpool UltraPure AP33 Owner's Manual page 3

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In order to prevent damage to property or persons, be sure to observe the following warnings.
Actions prohibited
Only qualified personnel are to repair
this machine.
Do not touch the mains plug or
operate with wet hands.
Do not operate with damaged
power cord or plug or
loose electrical outlet.
Do not damage, cut, expose to heat,
bend, twist, pull, press or
twist the cable.
Do not expose to water.
Do not expose to naked flame,
such as cigarettes.
Do not clean with petrol or
thinner or apply insecticide.
Actions Recommended
Unplug before cleaning, inspecting
or moving the unit.
Do not use mains voltage other than
that specified. Do not exceed
the voltage specified for the
mains and the wiring.
Do not leave the unit unattended
during operation.
Periodically remove dust and dirt
from the power plug.
Do not insert any foreign objects
into the air inlet or outlet.
Do not cover the air inlet or outlet.
Do not use in the vicinity of
flammable or corrosive gases
or metal dust.