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Preparation Before Using - Whirlpool UltraPure AP33 Owner's Manual

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Preparation Before Using

Before using be sure to remove the 3-in-1 filter from its bag
Unplug the unit before installing the filter
1. Removing the 3-in-1 filter
 *Place the unit in a stable location.
1. To remove front coverDepress the finger
pieces at bottom of cover to release it,
then pull to remove.
2. Removing the pre-filterDetach
the 6 claws on both
sides from holes in
main unit.
2. Installing the 3-in-1 filter
1. Position with front facing outwards. Do not reverse or deform it.
2. Installing the pre-filter. Insert the claws on both sides into holes in
main unit.
3. Installing the front cover. Hook both sides to top of front cover on to
main body, then fasten the hooks on bottom.
*The unit does not operate without its front cover.
3. Instructions for use of 3-in-in Filter with Charcoal Filter
*Please remove the
plastic of the filter
before use.
*You can choose whether
use the 3-in-1 Filter only
or together with the
Charcoal Filter.
if you wish to use 3-in-1 Filter with the Charcoal
Filter, please stick the 4 single-sided viscose tapes
to the 4 corners at the back of 3-in-1 filter.
After adhering, stick the 3-in-1 filter with
Charcoal Filter.
Finger piece
3.Remove 3-in-1 filter bag.
In Charcoal Filter package, there is filter with
single-sided viscose tapes at the 4 corners and 4
separate single-sided viscose tapes.
After assembling, you can install the filter into
the main unit.