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Whirlpool UltraPure AP33 Owner's Manual page 18

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When it happens
Cleaning light or
replacement reminder light
illuminates too soon
Foreign objects have
entered the unit
Water has been poured
on the unit
It is normal to notice a slight smell when using a new product.
This causes no physical damage to humans, and the smell will soon fade.
Checking an air purifier after many years of use.
The following are signs of ageing:
After switching on the unit, it doesn't operate, or stops intermittently.
Fan rotation causes strange noises and vibration.
The unit is unusually hot or there is a smell of burning.
Other unusual signs.
Unplug and contact the manufacturer.
When using in a dirty place other than ordinary domestic
situations the light might illuminate early.
Are Turbo and High used frequently? Even if room is clean,
if operated on High or Turbo, light illuminates early
Switch off and seek help from your service agent.
Switch off and seek help from your service agent.