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Maintenance - Whirlpool UltraPure AP33 Owner's Manual

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Cleaning the unit periodically maintains efficient operation. Proper cleaning function is
disrupted by accumulation of dirt, so clean frequently.
Unplug before cleaning.
Front cover (once a month)
1. Unplug from the mains
2. Clean front cover
Clean air inlet with vacuum cleaner.
Remove if dirty (see page 5 , 6) and
wash in cold water. Wipe with clean cloth
and dry before replacing.
Main unit
1. Unplug from the mains.
2. Wipe with soft cloth.
Do not use abrasives, solvent or thinner, since they damage the
unit surface.
Sensor hole
Sensitivity becomes unstable if this is dirty
or blocked.
Remove dust from sensor opening with vacuum
Never pour water on the unit.
Sensor opening



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