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Whirlpool UltraPure AP33 Owner's Manual page 8

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Remove the transparent sheet protecting battery power.
The battery is pre-installed in the remote control.
Replacing battery
1. Remove battery holder from back of remote.
2. Insert new battery correct side up.
3. Replace cover.
About the battery
One CR2032 battery is required
Battery lifetime is about six months. It needs changing when remote signal fails.
As the battery will have been in stock for some time, its life may be less for first use.
Incorrect handling of battery may cause electric shock, fire, fluid leakage, heat or
Do not short-circuit, disassemble, heat it or burn it.
Remove when not in use for long periods.
Aim the remote at the main unit.
Signal range is about 5 metres (directly ahead).
Ensure there is no obstacle obstructing the signal.
Signal is sent when key is released.
Unit beeps when signal is received.
If there is a light in the way, range may be shorter.
To prevent damage:
Do not jolt.
Do not immerse in water.
Do not place near heat or expose to direct sunlight.
Installing remote control battery
Using the remote control
Transparent sheet
Battery + pole must
align with mark on holder