Practical Advice For Using The Burners; Dimensions And Distances To Be Maintained (Mm) - KitchenAid KHDD 3020 Instructions For Use Manual

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Practical advice for using the burners

For optimum burner performance, observe the
following rules:
- Use pots and pans that fit the burners (see table
on the right).
- Only use flat-bottomed pots and pans.
- Use the correct amount of water for cooking
foods and keep the pot covered.

Dimensions and distances to be maintained (mm)

NOTE: In the event of a hood being fitted above the hob, please refer to the hood instructions
for the correct distance to be maintained between the two appliances.
NOTE: Do not use pots with a larger than
recommended diameter!
Because of the flush-mounted design of these hobs,
the use of pots or pans with a larger than
recommended diameter could cause discolouring
of the stainless steel due to the high working
temperatures reached.
Pot Ø
from 24 to 26 cm
from 16 to 22 cm



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