Installation - KitchenAid KHDD 3020 Instructions For Use Manual

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Important safety instructions
- The use of a gas appliance produces heat and
humidity in the room. Make sure the room is
well-ventilated, or install an extractor hood with
exhaust duct.
- In case of prolonged use, additional ventilation
may be necessary (by opening a window or
increasing the hood extraction speed).
- After use, make sure the knobs are in off
position and close the main gas supply cock or
the gas cylinder valve.


After unpacking the appliance, check that it has not
been damaged in transit. In the event of problems,
contact the dealer or your nearest After-sales
• This product can be embedded in a
worktop 20 to 60 mm thick.
• If there is no oven beneath the hob, insert
a separator panel which is at least equal in
size to the opening made in the worktop.
This panel must be positioned at a
maximum distance of 150 mm below the
upper surface of the work surface but, in
no case less than 20 mm from the bottom
of the hob. If there is an oven beneath the
- Overheated oils and fats catch fire easily. Always
remain present and vigilant when preparing food
with a high oil, fat or alcohol content (e.g. rum,
cognac, wine).
- Keep the packaging materials out of the reach of
- Before cleaning or maintenance wait for the hob
to cool down.
hob, make sure that it is manufactured by
Kitchen Aid and equipped with a cooling
system. The manufacturer declines all
liability if another brand oven is installed
beneath the hob.
• Before installation, make sure that:
- the local gas delivery conditions (nature
and pressure) are compatible with the
settings of the hob (see the rating plate
and injector table);
- the outer surfaces of the furniture or
appliances adjacent to the hob are heat
resistant according to local regulations;
- combustion products are discharged outdoors
through specific hoods or wall and/or window
mounted electrical fans.



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