Care And Maintenance; Routine Cleaning And Maintenance; Ec Declaration Of Conformity - KitchenAid KHDD 3020 Instructions For Use Manual

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Care and maintenance

Before any cleaning and/or maintenance
operation, disconnect the hob from power
supply and wait until it is cold.
To keep the hob in perfect condition, remove any
food residue and clean it after every use.
Hob cleaning:
- Clean the surfaces of the hob with lukewarm
water and/or neutral detergent, rinse and dry
thoroughly with a soft cloth or shammy leather.
- Prolonged contact with hard water or
aggressive detergents could corrode or stain the
stainless steel surfaces; detergents containing
chlorine and/or chlorine composites, ammonia
or that are highly acidic will cause irreparable
damage to the hob. Before any kind of use, we
advise you read the product label to check if a
product is suitable.

Routine cleaning and maintenance

• Grids, burner caps and burners can be removed
to facilitate cleaning.
• Wash them by hand using hot water and non-
abrasive detergent, carefully removing any food
residues and checking that none of the burner
openings is clogged.
• Rinse and dry
• Refit burners and burner caps correctly in the
respective housings.
• When replacing the grids, make sure that the
panstand area is aligned with the burner.
Declaration of conformity
• This appliance has been designed, constructed
and marketed in compliance with:
- safety requirements of "GAS" Directive
2009/142/EC (ex-90/396/EEC);
- safety objectives of "Low Voltage" Directive
2006/95/EC (which replaces 73/23/EEC and
subsequent amendments);
- Do allow acid or alkaline substances, such as
vinegar, mustard, salt or lemon juice to come
into prolonged contact with the hob.
- Wipe up any spills (water, sauce, coffee, etc.)
immediately, before they dry.
- Do not use abrasive products or pan scourers.
- Do not use steam cleaners.
- Do not use flammable products.
- All enamelled and glass parts should be cleaned
with warm water and/or a neutral detergent.
- If, after intensive use, the product appears
marked, clean the affected stainless steel area
immediately with warm water and/or a neutral
• In models with electric ignition plugs and safety
device, carefully clean the end of the plugs and
safety devices in order to ensure correct
operation. Check these items frequently, and if
necessary, clean them with a damp cloth.
Any baked-on food should be removed with a
toothpick or needle.
NOTE: to avoid damaging the electric ignition
device, do not use it when the burners are not
in their housing.
- protection requirements of "EMC" Directive
• This appliance is suitable for contact with
foodstuffs and complies with EC Regulation no.



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