After-Sales Service; Troubleshooting Guide - KitchenAid KHDD 3020 Instructions For Use Manual

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After-Sales Service

Before calling the After-Sales Service, make sure
you can give the following information:
- type of fault or problem;
- exact model (written on the label affixed to the
- the service number that follows the word
SERVICE on the rating plate, located on the
underside of the hob and on the instructions
booklet or warranty;
- address and telephone number.

Troubleshooting guide

If the hob does not work correctly, before calling
the After-sales Service read this quick reference
guide in order to identify the problem.
1. The burner fails to ignite or the flame is
not even
Check that:
• the gas or electrical supplies are not shut off and
especially that the gas supply tap is open.
• the gas cylinder (liquid gas) is not empty.
• the burner openings are not clogged.
• the plug end is not dirty.
• all the burner parts have been positioned
• there are no draughts near the hob.
2. The burner does not stay lit
Check that:
• when lighting the burner, the knob has been
pressed for enough time to activate the
protection device.
If any repairs are required, please contact an
authorized After-sales Service, as indicated in the
• the burner openings are not clogged near the
• the end of the safety device is not dirty.
• the minimum gas setting is correct (see relevant
3. Pots/pans wobble or are unsteady
Check that:
• the bottom of the pot or pan is perfectly flat.
• the pot or pan is centered on the burner.
• the panstand grids have not been swapped over
or positioned incorrectly.
If, after the above checks, the fault persists, get in
touch with the nearest After-sales Service.



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