Safeguarding The Environment; Product Description; Lighting The Burners - KitchenAid KHDD 3020 Instructions For Use Manual

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Safeguarding the environment

Disposing of packaging
The packing material is 100% recyclable and is
marked with the recycle symbol (
parts of the packing must not be sent for waste,
but recycled in conformity with the regulations
imposed by local authorities.
Scrapping the product
- This appliance is marked according to the
European directive 2002/96/CE on on Waste
Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
- By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly,
Product description KHDD 3020
1. Removable panstand grids
2. Semi-rapid burner
3. Rapid burner
4. Semi-rapid burner control knob
5. Large burner control knob
Tap closed
Maximum flame
Minimum flame

Lighting the burners

• To ignite one of the burners, turn the relative
knob anti-clockwise to the maximum flame
• Press the knob against the control panel to
ignite the burner.
• After the burner has ignited, keep the knob
pressed for about 5 seconds to allow the
thermocouple to warm up. This safety device
shuts off the gas if the flame goes out
accidentally (draughts, interruption of gas,
liquids boiling over, etc.).
The device must not be pressed for more
than 15 sec. If, after that time has elapsed,
the burner does not remain lit, wait at least
one minute before trying to light it again.
you will help prevent potential negative
consequences for the environment and human
). The various
health, which could otherwise be caused by
inappropriate waste handling of this product.
- The symbol
accompanying documentation indicates that it
should not be treated as domestic waste but
must be taken to an appropriate collection
centre for the recycling of electrical and
electronic equipment.
The burner might go out when the knob is
released. This means that the thermocouple
has not warmed up enough.
In this case, repeat the operations described
In the event of a burner flame being
accidentally extinguished, turn off the burner
and wait at least one minute before
attempting to ignite it again
on the product or on the



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