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Visioneer owner'smanual fax machine 1170 1270 1770 1780
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If You Need to Call Customer Service
Please complete the following information for future
Model: FAX1170, FAX1270, MFC1770, MFC1780
(Circle your model number)
Serial Number:*
Date of Purchase:
Place of Purchase:
*The serial number is on the back of the unit. Retain
this Owner's Manual with your sales receipt as a
permanent record of your purchase, in the event of
a theft, fire or warranty service.
Year 2000 Compliant
Brother is addressing the Year 2000 related issues for all
Brother fax machines and multi-function centers. Our
focus is to ensure that our bundled third party software
will continue to properly process date/time data after
January 1, 2000.
Brother fax machines and multi-function centers will
function properly after January 1, 2000, provided that all
non-Brother hardware, software and firmware used by
our customers in connection or combination with Brother
fax machines, and bundled software, accurately
exchange date data with the Brother products.
Please continue to check our Web page for updates at All remedies will be provided
to individual customers via software patches through
software download or from Brother Customer Service.
©1996-1999 Brother Industries, Ltd.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents