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Brother 1030e User Manual

Brother fax machine user's guide 1020e, 1030e
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Brother 1030e

  • Page 1 USER ’S GUIDE FAX-1020e FAX-1030e...
  • Page 2: Using This Manual

    Using This Manual Thank you for purchasing a Brother fax machine (FAX). This machine has been designed to be simple to use, with LCD screen prompts to guide you through functions. However, you can use your machine to its fullest potential by taking a few minutes to read this manual.
  • Page 3: Function Mode

    User-Friendly Programming We have designed your fax machine with on-screen programming using navigation keys. User-friendly programming helps you take full advantage of all the functions your machine has to offer. (See Using This Manual , page i.) Because you do all your programming on the LCD, we created step-by-step on-screen prompts to help you program your machine.
  • Page 4 FITTED WITH THE APPROPRIATE CONNECTOR. APPROVAL INFORMATION Brother advises that this product may not function correctly in a country other than which it was originally purchased, and does not offer any warranty in the event that this product is used on public...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents ... iv PREPARATION AND SIMPLE USE GUIDE Preparation and Simple Use Guide Advice for Preparation and Simple Use Guide ... 4 FAX-1020e Control Panel Overview ... 10 FAX-1030e Control Panel Overview ... 12 BASIC USE Chapter 1 Setup Initial Settings... 14 Custom Settings...
  • Page 6 Polled Transmit...53 Secure Polling ...54 Chapter 10 Remote Fax Options (Only for FAX-1020e) Fax Forwarding...55 Remote Retrieval ...56 Chapter 11 Message Manager (Only for FAX-1030e) Message Manager Mode ...60 Fax Forwarding/Paging...65 Remote Retrieval ...67 MAINTENANCE Chapter 12 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Error Messages...72...
  • Page 7: Preparation And Simple Use Guide

    Keep the packing materials for possible future transport. If you do not pack the machine properly, it could void your warranty. 2 Read the Quick Setup Guide Follow the instructions on the Brother Quick Setup Guide to set up the machine. 3 Using the telephone Pick up the handset.
  • Page 8 Paper Guides I The automatic document feeder (ADF) can hold up to 20 pages, feeding each one individually through the fax machine. Use standard (64 g/m are using heavier paper, feed each sheet individually to prevent paper jams. I Press Resolution (before you send the fax) to select the resolution for the document you are sending.
  • Page 9 6 Making a Single Copy Insert the document face down in the ADF. Press Copy. Press Copy. (See Making Copies, page 29.) To cancel, press Stop/Exit. Your machine cannot scan anything closer than 4 mm from the edge of the paper. Do NOT pull the paper while copying is in progress.
  • Page 10: Advice For Preparation And Simple Use Guide

    Your machine is equipped with an internal battery which will keep the date and time information for up to about 15 hours (FAX-1030e) or about 9 hours (FAX-1020e) after power has been cut off. After this time, the date and time will be lost and you will have to re-enter the information. In the event of a power failure, all settings in the menus are stored permanently except for the settings that are valid for the next fax only (e.g.
  • Page 11 Multi-Line Connections (PABXs) Most offices use a central telephone system. While it is often relatively simple to connect the machine to a key system or a PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange), we suggest that you contact the company that installed your telephone system and ask them to connect the machine for you.
  • Page 12: Using Extension Telephones

  • Page 13 Connections You may connect an external TAD to your machine, as shown below. Set the number of rings to one or two on your external TAD. (The fax machine’s Ring Delay setting does not apply.) Record the outgoing message on your external TAD (see below).
  • Page 14: Sequence Of External Tad Reception

    Outgoing Message (OGM) of External TAD Timing is important in recording this message. Record four seconds of silence at the beginning of your message. (This allows your machine time to listen for the fax CNG tones of automatic transmissions before they stop.) Try to record the shortest possible message on your telephone answering device (ideally less than 10 seconds).
  • Page 15: Connecting An External Telephone

    Whenever this external phone (or TAD) is in use, the screen displays EXT. TEL IN USE, and, if the fax handset is lifted, an alarm sounds. To disconnect the call on the external phone and switch to the fax, lift the handset and press Tel (FAX-1020e) or Speaker phone (FAX-1030e). Extension Telephone...
  • Page 16: Fax-1020E Control Panel Overview

    Also, lets you put calls on hold. Receive Mode Use to select how the fax machine will handle incoming calls. Resolution Sets the resolution when you send a fax or make a copy.
  • Page 17 You can press these keys to adjust the ring or speaker volume. Stop/Exit Stops a fax, cancels an operation, or exits from function menu mode. Liquid Crystal Display The LCD displays messages to help you set up and operate your fax machine. Preparation and Simple Use Guide...
  • Page 18: Fax-1030E Control Panel Overview

    FAX-1030e Control Panel Overview DIGITAL TAD Lets you activate Message Manager. Also, notifies you that you have voice or fax messages in the memory. Shift This key is used to access the “7” through “12” One Touch numbers. Redial/Pause Redials the last number called. Also inserts a pause in autodial numbers.
  • Page 19 Stops a fax, cancels an operation, or exits from function menu mode. Liquid Crystal Display The LCD displays messages to help you set up and operate your fax machine. Erase Lets you delete voice messages, fax messages or all messages.
  • Page 20: Chapter 1 Setup

    In the event of a power failure, the machine maintains date and time information for about 15 hours (FAX-1030e), about 9 hours (FAX-1020e). Press Menu/Set, 1, 1. Enter the two digits of the year, and press Menu/Set. “03” is registered as 2003 in the machine.
  • Page 21: Custom Settings

    OGM (Outgoing Message) and ICMs (incoming messages). If you turn Incoming Recording Monitor to OFF ( Menu/Set , 8 , 5 ) on FAX-1030e, the Speaker for screening calls will be disabled and you won’t hear callers leaving messages.
  • Page 22: Pabx And Transfer

    Ring Volume You can adjust the ring volume when your fax machine is idle. You can select a ring volume level or press until the ring is off. Press to adjust the volume level. With each key press, the fax machine rings so you can hear the current setting and the display shows the setting you are choosing.
  • Page 23: Setting The Music On Hold

    Setting the Music on Hold You can set the machine to play or not to play the music during the machine is holding a voice call. Press Menu/Set, 1, 6. to select ON (or OFF), and press Menu/Set when the screen displays your Press selection.
  • Page 24: Setup Quick Dial Numbers For Easy Dialling

    Setup Quick Dial Numbers for Easy Dialling You can set up Quick Dial numbers (three types) for easy dialling: One Touch, Speed Dial and Groups for Broadcasting of faxes. Storing One Touch Dial Numbers You can store 12 fax/phone numbers that you can dial by pressing one key. You can also store names with these numbers.
  • Page 25: Storing Speed Dial Numbers

    Storing Speed Dial Numbers You can store Speed Dial numbers, which you dial by pressing only four keys. There are 100 Speed Dial locations. Even if you lose electrical power, numbers stored in memory will not be lost. Press Menu/Set , 6 , 2 . The screen prompts you to enter a location.
  • Page 26: Setting Number Groups For Broadcasting

    Setting Number Groups for Broadcasting Number Groups allow you to send the same fax message to many fax numbers by pressing only one Quick-Dial key (Broadcasting). • First, you will need to store each fax number as a One Touch or Speed Dial number. •...
  • Page 27: Sending A Fax Scanning Adjustment

    Manual transmission lets you hear the dial tone, ringing and fax receiving tones before sending the fax. Insert the document face down in the ADF. Pick up the handset and listen for a dial tone—OR—Press Speaker phone (for FAX-1030e only). Enter the fax number you want to call. (See Dialling a Number, page 22.) When you hear the fax tone, press Fax Start.
  • Page 28: Dialling A Number

    Automatic Transmission This is the easiest way to send a fax. IMPORTANT: Do not pick up the handset—OR—Press Speaker phone (for FAX-1030e only). Insert the document face down in the ADF. Enter the fax number you want to call. Press Fax Start.
  • Page 29 Automatic and Manual Fax Redial Automatic Fax Redial: If you are sending a fax automatically and the line is busy, the machine will automatically redial up to 4 times at 2 minute intervals. Manual Fax Redial: Place the document to be re-sent and press Redial/Pause and then Fax Start to make a second call to the last number dialled.
  • Page 30: Receiving A Fax Answer Mode Settings

    F/T Ring Time do not work in this setting. TAD (FAX-1030e)—FAX-1030e provides you with a built-in digital Message Manager for fax and voice. When you set the machine to answer calls, it will record up to 30 minutes of messages. See Message Manager (Only for FAX-1030e), page 60 for more information.
  • Page 31: Setting The Ring Delay

    To select or change your Answer Mode Press Receive Mode. The screen displays your current selection. The options on FAX-1020e are: The options on FAX-1030e are: Or, if TAD Mode is switched ON by pressing (DIGITAL TAD button), it overrides your Answer Mode Setting, so the screen displays: Continue to press Receive Mode until your new selection appears.
  • Page 32 Recording the Fax/Tel Outgoing Announcement (F/T MESSAGE) (Only for FAX-1030e) This is the announcement played by your machine (not an external TAD) when someone calls and your machine is set to F/T mode. Although callers hear your announcement, they cannot leave a message.
  • Page 33: Receiving A Fax

    TAD connected to the machine. • Selecting SEMI lets the fax machine receive the call only if you’ve answered it at the machine. • Selecting OFF means you will have to activate the machine yourself, by pressing Fax Start or by pressing 5 1 if you are not at your machine.
  • Page 34: Reception Into Memory

    I When you use Auto Reduction to reduce incoming documents to fit on one page of recording paper, you can do so only as long as the original document is not longer than 35 cm. If the original is longer than 35 cm, the data will not be reduced and will carry over to print on a second page.
  • Page 35: Making Copies Copy Functions

    Resolution key. Multiple Copies You can make multiple copies using your fax machine, and you can choose whether the copies will be STACKED (all copies of page 1, then all copies of page 2, etc.) or SORTED (collated). The default resolution for multiple copies is Fine.
  • Page 36: Reducing And Enlarging Copies

    Reducing and Enlarging Copies When making copies, you can reduce or enlarge the size of the printed image. To reduce to the size of A4 recording paper automatically, select AUTO. To select a reduction ratio, choose 93%, 87%, 75% or 50%. To enlarge a document, select 150%, 125% or 120%. To print a document at its original size, select 100%.
  • Page 37: Telephone Making A Call

    You can use your machine to make voice telephone calls, by dialling manually or by using One Touch or Speed Dial memory. You can use the handset or if you have FAX-1030e you can use the Speakerphone to make and receive calls. For more details, see Dialling a Number, page 22.
  • Page 38 Press Redial/Pause to insert a pause between digits to be dialled. If your fax machine is connected to a PABX, you may need to insert an additional number prefix (e.g. “9”) and a “pause” before each fax or telephone number to gain access to the outside line. When you press Redial/Pause, a dash “-”...
  • Page 39: Answering A Call

    Press Search/Mute to put a call on hold. You can replace the handset without disconnecting the call. Pick up the machine’s handset or press Speaker phone (for FAX-1030e only) to release the call from hold. If you press Search/Mute without lifting the handset or pressing Speaker phone (for FAX-1030e only), this key works as the Search key.
  • Page 40: Chapter 6 Printing Reports

    Printing Reports Transmission Report and Journal Setting Two reports require initial setup in the Menu table: Transmission Verification Report and Journal Period. For initial setup: Press Menu/Set, 7, 1. —OR— Press Menu/Set, 7, 2. Customizing the Transmission Verification (Xmit) Report You can use the Xmit Report as proof that you sent a fax.
  • Page 41: Using The Reports Key

    Using the Reports Key You can print the following lists and reports: 1.HELP LIST 2.QUICK-DIAL 3.JOURNAL 4.XMIT REPORT 5.TEL.INDEX 6.SYSTEM SETUP 7.MEMORY STATUS To Print a Report Make sure that there is no document in the ADF. Press Memory/Reports, then enter the number (see list above) of the report you want to print. For example, press 6 to print the SYSTEM SETUP.
  • Page 42: Advanced Sending Advanced Operations

    Advanced Sending Advanced Operations Electronic Cover Page The cover page is sent to the receiving party’s machine. Your cover page includes the name stored in the One Touch or Speed Dial memory, if you have used this feature to start the call. The cover page indicates the fax is from your Station ID, and the number of pages you are sending.
  • Page 43 Always Send Cover Page Make sure Station ID is set up. (See Setting the Station ID, page 14.) This feature does not work without the Station ID. You can set the machine to send a cover page whenever you send a fax. The number of pages in your fax is not included when you use this setting.
  • Page 44: Overseas Mode

    Composing Your Own Comments Press Menu/Set, 3, 2. The screen displays: COVERPAGE NOTE. to choose position 5 or 6 for your customized comment, and press Menu/Set. Use the dial pad to enter your customized comment. (See Entering Text, page 91.) Press Menu/Set.
  • Page 45: Call Reservation

    You can send a fax and let the other party know that you want to speak to him after the fax transmission is completed. The other fax machine will ring as if it were receiving a telephone call; if the other party picks up the handset, your machine will ring. Lift the handset to have a conversation.
  • Page 46 Delayed Transmission (Timer) You can use this function to send a fax up to 24 hours later. Insert the document face down in the ADF. Press Menu/Set, 3, 7. Enter the time you want the fax to be sent, in 24-hour format (for example, enter 1945 for 7:45 PM), and press Menu/Set.
  • Page 47: Cancelling A Scheduled Job

    * Provided it was set before Memory Security was switched ON. The stored documents will be saved for up to 6 hours in the event of a power failure (FAX-1030e). The stored documents will not be saved in the event of a power failure (FAX-1020e).
  • Page 48: Using Memory Security

    Using Memory Security You must use a password to switch Memory Security ON and OFF. Setting Up Memory Security for the First Time Press Menu/Set, 0, 1. Enter a 4-digit number as a password. Press Menu/Set. The screen prompts you to re-enter the password. Re-enter the password and press Menu/Set.
  • Page 49 WRONG PASSWORD. After 2 seconds the display will then return to displaying SECURE MODE. You must then start from Step 1 to switch OFF Memory Security. If you forget the Memory Security password, please contact your Brother dealer for service or the help number given with the warranty documentation.
  • Page 50: Multiple Resolution Transmission

    Multiple Resolution Transmission Use this feature to select separate resolution settings for each page of the fax you are sending. This could be useful if you are sending a fax with photos and letters, or some pages with small print and others with normal print.
  • Page 51: Chapter 8 Advanced Receiving

    Advanced Receiving Operation from an External or Extension Telephone An external phone is a telephone that is plugged into the machine (either into the machine’s EXT socket or into the back of the connector that plugs into the telephone wall socket). An extension phone is another phone on the same phone number as the machine, but plugged into a different telephone wall socket.
  • Page 52: Remote Call Transfer

    PICK UP PHONE. Pick up the handset and press Tel or Speaker phone (for FAX-1030e only)—OR—Just press Speaker phone (for FAX-1030e only) at the fax machine in order to transfer the voice call to the fax machine. Don’t hang up the call from the cordless phone until the voice call has been transferred to the fax machine.
  • Page 53: Telephone Services

    I To get the Caller ID Service: apply for the Caller ID service at your local telephone company, if available. I To PABX Users: Calling line identification signals are not generally delivered to your Brother fax machine if it is connected behind a private branch exchange (PBX) system or other call routing device.
  • Page 54: How Does The Caller Id Work

    You can display the caller IDs that are stored in the memory and select the caller you want your machine to dial. Call Reply is a convenient feature whereby your Brother fax can dial back a voice/fax call “on-hook” to the opposite party associated with a Caller ID number which has been captured into memory.
  • Page 55 Calls derived from a caller ID number to destinations connected to a “Direct Dial Inward (DDI)” private exchange system may fail to connect, or may be answered in the first instance by the called premises’ main switchboard rather than by the intended extension. Brother is not liable for any call charges thus incurred.
  • Page 56 BT Call Sign (For U.K. Only) This machine feature lets you use the BT Call Sign subscriber service which allows you to have at least two separate telephone numbers on one phone line. Each phone number has its own distinctive ringing pattern, so you know which phone number is ringing.
  • Page 57: Chapter 9 Polling

    All parties involved in polling need to set up their machines to accommodate polling. When someone polls your machine to receive a fax, they pay for the call; if you poll someone’s fax machine to receive a fax, you pay for the call. (See Polled Transmit, page 53.)
  • Page 58: Setup Delayed Polling Receive

    Setup Delayed Polling Receive You can set your machine to begin Polling Receive at a later time. Press Menu/Set, 2, 7. Press to choose TIMER, and press Menu/Set. The screen prompts you to enter the time you want to begin polling. Enter the time (in 24-hour format) you want to begin polling.
  • Page 59: Polled Transmit

    Press 1 to cancel—OR—Press 2 to exit without cancelling. Press Stop/Exit. Polled Transmit Polling Transmit is when you set up your fax machine to wait with a document so another fax machine can retrieve it. Insert the document to be retrieved in the ADF.
  • Page 60: Secure Polling

    Secure Polling is a way to keep your documents from “falling into the wrong hands” while the fax machine is set up for polling. You can use Secure Polling only with another Brother fax machine. Your four-digit ID number must be entered on the fax machine that polls for your documents.
  • Page 61: Chapter 10 Remote Fax Options (Only For Fax-1020E)

    Remote Fax Options This chapter is for Model FAX-1020e. If you have model FAX-1030e your remote fax options are handled by the Message Manager. (See Message Manager (Only for FAX-1030e), page 60.) Setting Fax Storage If you set Fax Storage to ON, you will be able to retrieve fax messages from another location, using Fax Forwarding or Remote Retrieval functions.
  • Page 62: Remote Retrieval

    For convenience, you can retrieve faxes and the Status List from a touch tone phone by having them sent to a fax machine. For example, if your hotel room does not have a fax machine, you can enter the number of the fax machine at the hotel’s Front Desk.
  • Page 63: Remote Commands

    Remote Commands Follow the commands below to access features remotely. When you call the fax machine and enter your Remote Access Code (1 5 9 remote control command. Remote control commands 95 Change Fax Forwarding Setting 1 OFF 2 Fax forwarding 4 FAX FWD No.
  • Page 64: Retrieving The Memory Status List

    Retrieving the Memory Status List You can retrieve the Memory Status List from a remote fax machine to see if you have any fax messages. Dial your fax machine’s number. When you hear the beep, immediately enter your Remote Access Code (1 5 9 When you hear two short beeps, use the dial pad to press 9 6 1.
  • Page 65: Changing The Fax Forwarding Number

    To retrieve the Memory Status List, when you hear two short beeps, use the dial pad to press 9 6 1. Use the dial pad to enter the number of the remote fax machine (up to 20 digits), and then press # #.
  • Page 66: Chapter 11 Message Manager (Only For Fax-1030E)

    Record the Message Manager’s Outgoing Message (TAD MESSAGE). Activate Message Manager (TAD) Mode by pressing Chapter 11 (Only for FAX-1030e) Both voice and fax messages are stored. You can use the Fax Forwarding or Paging features and retrieve voice and fax messages remotely.
  • Page 67: Setting The Message Store

    TAD MESSAGE (or F/T MESSAGE or PAGING MSG.), and press Menu/Set when the screen displays your selection. Press to select PLAY MSG and press Menu/Set. Adjust volume by pressing Press Stop/Exit. 5 1, wait for the fax tones, then press the Message Manager (Only for FAX-1030e)
  • Page 68: Activating Message Manager Mode

    Erasing the Outgoing Message (OGM) Press Menu/Set, 8, 3. Press to select TAD MESSAGE (or F/T MESSAGE or PAGING MSG.), and press Menu/Set when the screen displays your selection. Press to select ERASE MSG and press Menu/Set. Press 1 to erase the OGM—OR—Press 2 to exit without erasing. Press Stop/Exit.
  • Page 69: Playing Voice Messages

    To print a backup copy automatically, turn this option on. Press Menu/Set, 8, 2. The screen prompts you to select a setting. Press to display ON (or OFF), and press Menu/Set when the screen displays your selected setting. Press Stop/Exit. PRINT DOC? 1.YES 2.NO Message Manager (Only for FAX-1030e)
  • Page 70: Erasing Messages

    Erasing Messages If you choose to erase all fax messages, the machine will print any previously unprinted fax messages before erasing them from memory. Fax messages cannot be erased individually. You can erase voice messages individually, or all at once. To erase voice messages individually Press Play/Record.
  • Page 71: Fax Forwarding/Paging

    Message Manager memory. When Fax Forwarding is set to ON, your machine dials the fax machine phone number you’ve programmed, and forwards any faxes you’ve received.
  • Page 72: Programming The Paging Number

    FAX FORWARD, and press Menu/Set. Press The screen prompts you to enter the number of the fax machine where faxes will be forwarded. Enter the forwarding number (up to 20 digits), and press Menu/Set. Press Stop/Exit.
  • Page 73: Remote Retrieval

    Remote Retrieval This section is for FAX-1030e. (If you have FAX-1020e, please see chapter 10 for your remote fax options.) You can call your machine from any touch tone phone (or remote Group 3 fax machine set for tone) and use a Remote Access Code and Remote Control Commands to retrieve voice (and fax) messages.
  • Page 74: Remote Control Commands

    Remote Control Commands Follow the commands below to access features remotely. When you call the fax machine and enter your Remote Access Code (1 5 9 remote control command. Remote control commands 91 Playing voice messages 1 Skip back 2 Skip next...
  • Page 75 3 FAX 90 Exit Detail Operation Enter the number of a remote fax machine to receive a report or stored fax messages. (See Retrieving the Memory Status List, page 70 and Retrieving Fax Messages, page 70.) If you hear one long beep, you can erase the fax message from the memory.
  • Page 76 Retrieving the Memory Status List You can retrieve the Memory Status List from a remote fax machine to see if you have any fax messages. Dial your fax machine’s number. When you hear the beep, immediately enter your Remote Access Code (1 5 9 When you hear two short beeps, use the dial pad to press 9 6 1.
  • Page 77 To retrieve the Memory Status List, when you hear two short beeps, use the dial pad to press 9 6 1. Use the dial pad to enter the number of the remote fax machine (up to 20 digits), and then press # #.
  • Page 78: Troubleshooting And Maintenance Error Messages

    The other party has disconnected during a call or fax. The fax machine has a mechanical problem. Unplug the machine. Then contact your Brother dealer for service. The number you called does not answer or is busy. You may also have reached a number not connected to a fax.
  • Page 79 Stop/Exit to cancel the operation. You can also print faxes received in memory to delete them, erase voice messages (FAX-1030e Only) or delete stored documents by using the job Cancel function (see Printing a Fax from Memory (Only for FAX-1020e), page 28, Erasing...
  • Page 80: Document Jams And Paper Jams

    Document Jams and Paper Jams Document Jam The documents were not inserted or fed properly, or were too long. Open the front cover. Lift the two release levers to release the white roller. Pull the document towards the front of the machine. Lock the two release levers back in place.
  • Page 81 Press the OPEN button to open the top cover. Pull the jammed paper toward the back from the paper tray and remove it as per diagram A. If you can’t, pull the jammed paper towards the front and remove it as per diagram B. If you cannot see any jammed paper, remove the ribbon cassette and check underneath.
  • Page 82: Difficulty With Operation

    Difficulty with Operation If you think there is a problem with sending or printing quality of your fax machine, make a copy first. If the copy quality looks good then the problem may not be your fax machine. Check the difficulties below and follow the suggestions to help resolve your problems.
  • Page 83 The machine may mistakenly interpret certain voices or music on the line as a calling fax machine and respond with fax receiving tones. Deactivate the fax by pressing Stop/Exit. Try avoiding this problem by turning Fax Detect to OFF. (See Fax Detect, page 27.)
  • Page 84: Packing And Shipping The Machine

    Remove the paper wire extension, document support, paper support, telephone line cord and handset, and pack them. Wrap the fax machine in the plastic bag and place it in the original carton with the original packing material. Place additional parts (such as cords and telephone line) and documents (such as User’s Guide) into the carton.
  • Page 85: Regular Maintenance

    Regular Maintenance Cleaning the Scanner Unplug the power cord for safety. Open the front cover. Clean the white roller and the glass strip under the roller with isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free cloth. You will need to lift the two release levers to release the white roller; be sure to lock them in place when you are through.
  • Page 86 Take out the printing cartridge. To clean the machine’s thermal print head, wipe the metal and plastic part with a lint-free cloth that is dry or lightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol as per diagram below. Wait until the alcohol on the metal and plastic part is totally dried. Install the printing cartridge.
  • Page 87: Replacing The Print Cartridge

    Replacing the Print Cartridge Push the OPEN button to open the top cover. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges of the metal part shown in the illustration. Take out the used print cartridge. Remove the stopper from the new printing cartridge. White shaft Blue shaft Turn the black spool on the right clockwise to tighten the ribbon.
  • Page 88 Install the printing cartridge by inserting the recessed four holders. Recessed Press down on both sides of the top cover to close it securely. Chapter 12 first and placing the cartridge into its Holder Black Spool...
  • Page 89: Important Information Important Safety Instructions

    Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Unplug the fax machine from the wall outlet before cleaning. To clean the casing of the fax machine use a damp cloth, do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. To clean the interior, see Regular Maintenance, page 79.
  • Page 90 Unplug this product from the mains power and telephone line sockets, and refer servicing to qualified Service Personnel under the following conditions: N When the power cord is damaged or frayed. N If liquid has been spilled into the product. N If the product has been exposed to rain or water.
  • Page 91: Specifications Specifications

    Automatic/Light/Dark (Manual Setting) • Horizontal 8 dot/mm • Vertical Standard—3.85 line/mm Fine, Photo—7.7 line/mm Superfine, Photo (copy)—15.4 line/mm 1 MB (up to 50 pages*) (FAX-1030e) 512 KB (up to 25 pages*) (FAX-1020e) 12 stations (with Shift key) 100 stations Up to 6...
  • Page 92: Menu Mode & Menu Selection Table

    Press 6 for Set Quick-Dial Menu—OR— Press 7 for Report Setting Menu—OR— Press 8 for Remote Fax Options Menu (FAX-1020e)—OR— Press 8 for Setup Tad Menu (FAX-1030e)—OR— Press 0 for Miscellaneous Menu —OR— You can scroll more quickly through each menu level by pressing option by pressing Menu/Set when that option appears on the LCD.
  • Page 93 Selects the dialling mode. PULSE Sets the number of rings before the machine answers in F/T, FAX or TAD (Message Manager) mode. TOLL SAVER:OFF (FAX-1030e Only) Sets the time for “F/T pseudo-ring” in Fax/Tel (F/T) Mode. Receive fax messages SEMI without pressing the Fax Start key.
  • Page 94: Main Menu

    Reduces the size of an image. Automatically stores any incoming faxes in its memory if it runs out of paper. You call another fax machine to receive a fax from it. Automatically sends a programmable cover page or prints a sample coverpage.
  • Page 95 To access the menu, press To exit, press Stop/Exit. Menu Main Menu Selections 3. SETUP SEND 7. TIMER (Continued) 8. POLLED TX 4. CANCEL JOB — 5. INTERRUPT — 6. SET QUICK-DIAL 1. ONE-TOUCH DIAL 2. SPEED-DIAL 3. SETUP GROUPS 7.
  • Page 96 To access the menu, press Stop/Exit. To exit, press Menu Main Menu Selections 8. SETUP TAD 1. MESSAGE (FAX-1030e STORE Only) 2. BACKUP PRINT 3. OGM 4. ICM MAX.TIME 5. ICM REC.MONITR 6. FAX FWD/PAGING 7. REMOTE ACCESS 0. MISCELLANEOUS 1.
  • Page 97: Entering Text

    Entering Text When you are setting certain functions, such as the Station ID, you may need to enter text into the machine. Most keys on the dial pad have three or four letters printed above them. The keys for 0, #, don’t have printed letters because they are used for special characters.
  • Page 98: About Fax Machines

    ECM (Error Correction Mode) The Error Correction Mode (ECM) is a way for the fax machine to check the integrity of a fax transmission while it is in progress. ECM transmissions are possible only between machines that both have the ECM feature.
  • Page 99: Glossary

    Automatic fax transmission Sending a fax without picking up the handset or pressing Speaker phone (for FAX-1030e only). Backup Print Sets your machine to print a copy of faxes that are received and stored in memory.
  • Page 100 Overseas Mode Makes temporary changes to the fax tones to accommodate noise and static on overseas phone lines. Paging (FAX-1030e only) Feature enables your fax unit to call your pager when a fax and/or a voice message is received into its memory.
  • Page 101 Thermal transfer A printing process in which heat transfers carbon ink from a ribbon to plain paper. Toll Saver (FAX-1030e only) A Message Manager setting that allows the machine to answer after two ring when a message(s) was received and after four rings when there are no messages. The caller can hang up (after two rings) without paying for the call if there are no messages to retrieve.
  • Page 102: Index

    F/T (Fax/Tel) Ring Time ...26 F/T Pseudo-Ringing ...26 Fax Detect ...27 Fax Forward (Programming) (FAX-1020e) ...55 Fax Forward (Programming) (FAX-1030e) ...66 Fax Forwarding ...65 Fax Only Mode ...24 Fax Redial ...23 Fax Storage ...55 Fax Tones and Handshake ...92 Fine Resolution ...21 Flexible Memory Settings ...60...
  • Page 103 Recording a Conversation ...65 Recording Monitor ...65 Redial ...23 Reduction ...27 Remote Access Code ...56, 67 Remote Access Code (FAX-1020e) ...56 Remote Access Code (FAX-1030e) ...67 Remote Activation ...45 Remote Code ...46 Remote Commands ...57, 68 Remote Deactivation ...45 Remote Retrieval (FAX-1020e) ...56 Remote Retrieval (FAX-1030e) ...67...
  • Page 104 Resolution ...21 Ring Delay ...25 Ring Volume ...16 Safety Instructions ...83 scroll ... ii Search ...22, 32 Sequential Polling ...52 Setting Up ...1 Speaker Volume ...15 Speakerphone ...33 Special Characters ...91 Specification ...85 Speed Dialling ...19, 22 Standard Resolution ...21 Station ID ...14 Super Fine Resolution ...21 System Setup List ...35...
  • Page 105: Accessory List

    PC-204RF 4 re-fills for use in PC-201 Printing Cartridge *For optimum print quality and product performance within published specifications, use only the correct Brother replacement ribbon. The use of other ribbons may invalidate your warranty. Change Answer Mode Press 9 8.
  • Page 106: Retrieve A Fax

    # #. After the beep, hang up and wait. Retrieve all faxes press 2, then enter the number of remote fax machine, and then # #. After the beep, hang up and wait. Erase all fax messages press 3.
  • Page 108 This machine is approved for use in the country of purchase only, local Brother companies or their dealers will only support fax machines purchased in their own countries. UK/IRE...

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