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Multi-Function Link (Option) For Fax 1170 And Fax 1270 - Brother 1170 Owner's Manual

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M U L T I - F U N C T I O N L I N K
( O P T I O N ) F O R F A X 1 1 7 0 A N D F A X 1 2 7 0
for FAX 1170
and FAX 1270
You can purchase the optional Multi-Function Link
package (also called
"Missing Link"). Multi-Function Link
turns your fax machine into a
multi-function center, by enabling you to use your fax machine as a printer and a
scanner and to use it to fax messages from Windows
applications in your
computer. The Multi-Function Link
option is for Windows
3.1x and Windows
Multi-Function Link
is available at most Brother retailers. If you cannot find it,
you can order Multi-Function Link
directly from Brother. The item number is
Installation instructions will be included with PCI-1. However, it is
important that you hook up your fax machine to your computer
before you install the software.

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