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About Fax Machines

If you're a first-time fax machine user, fax operation might seem a little
mysterious. You'll soon get used to the unusual fax tones on your phone line, and
be able send and receive faxes easily.

Fax Tones and Handshake

When someone is sending a fax, the fax machine sends fax calling tones,
(CNG tones) — soft, intermittent beeps at 4-second intervals. You'll hear them
when you dial and press
, and they continue for 30 seconds after dialing.
During that time, the sending machine must begin the "handshake" with the
receiving machine. Each time you use automatic procedures to send a fax, you
are sending CNG tones over the phone line. You'll soon learn to listen for these
soft beeps each time you answer a phone on your fax line, so you can know if you
are receiving a fax message.
The receiving fax responds with fax receiving tones — loud, chirping sounds. A
receiving fax chirps for 40 seconds over the phone line, and the screen displays
"RECEIVE." If your machine is set to the FAX ONLY Mode, it will answer every call
automatically with fax receiving tones. Even if the other party hangs up, your fax
machine continues to send the "chirps" for 40 seconds, and the screen continues
to display "RECEIVE." To cancel the receiving mode, press
When your fax machine is in FAX/TEL (F/T), it answers with a short beep. After
this beep, the fax machine listens for CNG tones, and then responds with receiving
The fax "handshake" is the time in which the sending machine's CNG tones and
the receiving machine's "chirps" overlap. This must be for at least two to four
seconds, so the fax machines can understand how each is sending and receiving
the fax. The handshake cannot begin until the call is answered, and the CNG
tones only last for 30 seconds after the number is dialed. Therefore, it's important
for the receiving machine to answer the call in as few rings as possible.
When you have an external telephone answering device (TAD) on your fax line,
your TAD will determine the number of rings before the call is answered. Pay
special attention to the directions in the Installation chapter for connecting a TAD
to your fax machine.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents