Converting Telephone Wall Outlets; Installing Fax Machine, External Two-Line Tad, And Two-Line Telephone - Brother 1170 Owner's Manual

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Converting Telephone Wall Outlets

There are three ways to convert to an RJ11 receptacle. The first two ways may
require assistance from the telephone company. You can change the wall outlets
from one RJ14 jack to two RJ11 jacks. Or, you can have an RJ11 wall outlet
installed and slave or jump one of the phone numbers to it.
The third way is the easiest: Buy a triplex adapter. You can plug a triplex adapter
into an RJ14 outlet. It separates the wires into two separate RJ11 jacks (Line 1,
Line 2) and a third RJ14 jack (Lines 1 and 2). If your fax machine is on Line 1,
plug the fax machine into L1 of the triplex adapter. If your machine is on Line 2,
plug it into L2 of the triplex adapter.
Installing Fax Machine, External Two-Line TAD,
and Two-Line Telephone
When you are installing an external two-line telephone answering device (TAD)
and a two-line telephone, your fax machine must be isolated on one line at both
the wall jack and at the TAD. The most common connection is to put the fax
machine on Line 2, which is our assumption in the following steps. The back
of the two-line TAD must have two telephone jacks: one labeled L1 or L1/L2, and
the other labeled L2. You will need at least three telephone line cords, the one that
came with your fax machine and two for your external two-line TAD. You will
need a fourth line cord if you add a two-line telephone.
Place the two-line TAD and the two-line telephone next to your fax machine.
Plug one end of the telephone line cord for your fax machine into the L2
jack of the triplex adapter. Plug the other end into the LINE jack on the left
side of the fax machine.
Plug one end of the first telephone line cord for your TAD into the L1 jack of
the triplex adapter. Plug the other end into the L1 or L1/L2 jack of the
two-line TAD.
Triplex Adapter

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents