Master Ups Installation Procedure; Figure 4-1 Installation Procedure For Master Ups - Toshiba G9000 Series Installation Manual

Toshiba sync kit 480/480 v 1000 kva
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MASTER UPS Installation Procedure

1. Prior to the installation of the parts, confirm that the AC input breaker, AC output breaker,
2. Then remove the metal cover plates from UPS.
3-1. Install the fuse holder with 2 screws on the upper part of the panel inside bypass module.
3-2. Insert three (3) fuses into the fuse holder.
3-3. Stick the fuse label on the panel near the fuse holder.
3-4. Connect the wiring (Part# 3A) between the output busbars (M4, the secondary side of 52S*)
and the fuse holder(M5). Refer to Figure.3 and Figure.4 for connection.
3-5. Connect the field-installed wirings (between MASTER and SLAVE UPS) to the fuse holder.
Note: wires (qty. 3) should have 600V insulation and be #16AWG, multi-strand, twisted trio with ring lungs
sized for #12 screws.
G9000 Series 1000kVA TOSHIBA SYNC KIT Installation Manual – 94471-001
Bypass input breaker and DC breaker are turned off. (De-energize the interior of the UPS.)
wirings to
Slave UPS
Cable tie Mount
Fuse holder

Figure 4-1 Installation Procedure for MASTER UPS

Wirings between
output busbars(M4)
and fuse holder(M5)
Color of wirings
A-phase: Yellow
B-phase: Blue
C-phase: White
To Output busbars
Secondary side of
52SU, 52SV, 52SW



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