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Transmitting - Uniden MC 1010 Operating Manual

Mc 1010 vhf marine radio
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When the power is turned on, the transmitter is set for 25 Watts (except for
USA Channels 13 and 67). The HI indicator will appear on the LCD Panel,
indicating 25 Watt transmit power. Channels 13 and 67 are restricted to 1
Watt. However, 25 Watt output for emergency use is available by pressing H/L
while pressing the Press-To-Talk switch. When the H/L switch is released, the
radio returns to the 1 Watt position.
One watt transmit power (LO) should be selected for most communications.
This prevents your signal from interfering with other vessels' communications,
and will work fine unless maximum range is required. Press the H/L button
until LO is shown in the display.
Twenty-five watt transmit power (HI) provides greate range, and will allow your
signal to be heard over weaker signals. It should be used only when
To activate the transmitter, press the Press-To-Talk switch on the microphone.
LED indicator will light, indicating a signal is being transmitted.
Release the switch to receive. When transmitting, hold the microphone
approximately two inches from your mouth and speak clearly in a normal
You cannot transmit on Weather Channels 0 - 9 or Channel
15. The Channel Number in the LCD Panel will blink to indicate
these channels are "receive-only".
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