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Uniden SEA-DOLPHIN MC-2700 Owner's Manual

10 channel marine cb transceiver
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10 Channel
Marine CB Transceiver



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  Summary of Contents for Uniden SEA-DOLPHIN MC-2700

  • Page 1 10 Channel Marine CB Transceiver ,'..
  • Page 2: Installation

    Crystal, Transistors, IC, Regulator Diodes or any other part of a unique nature, with parts other than those recommended by us, may cause violation of the technical regulations of the DOTAC Rules. INSTAllATION CAUTION: The UNIDEN MC2700 will operate only with nominal 12 volt negative ground battery system. It is important...
  • Page 3: Connecting The Power Cords

    Only a properly matched antenna system will allow maximum power transfer from the 50-ohm transmission line to the radiating element. Your UNIDEN dealer is qualified to assist you in the selection of the proper antenna to meet your application requirements.
  • Page 4: Operating Procedure To Transmit

    OPERATING PROCEDURE TO TRANSMIT CAUTION The transmitter Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (V.S.W.R.) measurement must be performed prior to the use of the transmitter. A V.S.W.R. ratio in excess of 2:1 may damage the transmitter. 1. Be sure the operator has read and understands DOTAC Rules and Regulations prior to operating the transmitter.
  • Page 5: Specifications

    S-Meter Sensitivity at "4th digit": 100 JlV phone, Microphone Hanger with Screws, Mounting Bracket with Screws TRANSMITTER Frequency Tolerance 2SoC 13.8V : :to.OOOS % R F Power Output FRONT PANEL CONTROLS AND INDICATOR :1 a ::::J uniden SEA-DOLPHIN "~R/NE CB T.RANSCE/VER...
  • Page 6 1. MICROPHONE CONNECTOR: Receptacle for microphone connection. 2. ON/OFF-VOLUME: Turns power on to radio and allows adjustment to the desired listening level with clockwise rotation. 3. SQUELCH: Used to quiet background noise when no signal is being received. Proper adjustment is such that the control is advanced only slightly beyond the point where the background noise is marginally quieted.
  • Page 7: Rear Panel Connectors

    PANEL CONNECTORS REAR 1. ANTENNA CONNECTOR: This female connector permits' connection of the transmission line cable male connector (PL-259) to the transceiver. 2. EXTERNAL SPEAKER: The External Speaker Jack is used for remote receiver monitoring. The external speaker should have 8-ohm impedance and be rated to handle at least 4.0 watts.
  • Page 8 Uniden Repair Agentfor a defector malfunction covered by this warranty, (E) Used in conjunction with any equipment or parts or as part of a system not manufactured by Uniden, (F) Installed, programmed or serviced by anyone other than an authorised Uniden Repair Agent, (G) Where the Serial Number label of the product has been removed or damaged beyond recognition.