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Installation; Choosing A Location - Uniden MC 1010 Operating Manual

Mc 1010 vhf marine radio
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The MC 1010 will operate only with nominal 12 volt
negative ground battery systems.
It is important to determine carefully the most suitable location for your MC
1010 on your vessel. Electrical, mechanical, and environmental considerations
must all be taken into account. You must select the optimum relationship
among these considerations.
Keep in mind the flexibility designed into the MC 1010 so that you can most
conveniently use your radio. Features which should be considered are:
The universal mounting bracket may be installed on either the top or
bottom of a shelf, on a bulkhead, or for overhead mounting.
The REMOTE speaker jack can be used with an auxiliary speaker.
All connections are "plug-in" type for easy removal of the radio.
Front fire internal speaker allows convenient in-dash mounting using the
optional bracket.

Choosing a Location

Some important factors to consider in selecting the location for your MC 1010:
Select a location that is free from spray and splash.
Keep the battery leads as short as possible. Direct connection to the
battery is most desirable. If direct connection cannot be made with the
supplied power lead, any extension should be made with #10 AWG wire.
Long extensions should use larger gauge wire.
Keep the antenna lead as short as possible. Long antenna leads can cause
substantial loss of performance for both receiving and transmitting.
Locate your antenna as high as possible and clear from metal objects. The
reliable range of coverage is a direct function of antenna height.
Select a location that does not allow the radio to be subjected to direct
sunlight (including that coming through windows).
Select a location that allows free air flow around the heat sink on the rear
of the radio.
Select a location well away from the ship's compass. Auxiliary speakers
also should be located away from the compass.
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