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Uniden MC1010 Operating Manual

Vhf marine radio channel scan dual watch
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  Summary of Contents for Uniden MC1010

  • Page 1 1010 VHF Marine Radio Channel Scan Dual Watch OPERATING GUIDE...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Antenna considerations......Installing the MC1010 ......
  • Page 3: Installation

    Compass - Due to possible electromagnetic interference the MC1010 and any extension speakers should not be mounted close to a compass. Cooling - The location of the MC1010 should permit clear air flow to the heat sink at the rear of the radio.
  • Page 4: Antenna Considerations

    Install the radio in the mounting bracket and connect all cables and accessories to the appropriate jacks and connectors. CARE AND MAINTENANCE Your MC1010 is a precision piece of electronic equipment and needs to be treated accordingly. Due to the rugged design, very little maintenance is required, however a few precautions should be observed.
  • Page 5: Controls And Indicators

    SCAN L I T E M E M S T E P DUAL H / L SQUELCH MC1010 Rear Panel LCD Panel 13 14 15 16 HI LO SCAN MEM PTT - Microphone - ‘Push To Talk’ button. LCD Numerical Channel Display - Indicates Channel Number in use.
  • Page 6: Multi Function Buttons

    STEP DUAL H / L SQUELCH MC1010 21 20 19 18 17 STEP - SCAN This key is used to step through the channels that are stored in memory- or - when pressed and held, this key also starts and stops the Memory SCAN mode.
  • Page 7: Operation

    OPERATION On/Off Turn the unit on by rotating the VOLUME control clockwise. Squelch Adjust the 4 position SQUELCH rotary switch to eliminate background noise and select the signals you wish to receive. Position 0 - (all signals) - squelch off. Position 1 - (weak signals) squelch threshold Position 2 - (medium signals) squelch medium NOTE...
  • Page 8: Mem (Entering Or Removing Memory Scan Channels)

    To scan channels stored in Memory, press and hold the STEP button. In the Memory the scan function will Scan Mode, the MC1010 scans only those channel numbers previously entered into Memory. operate. S C A N...
  • Page 9: Channel And Functions

    CHANNEL AND FUNCTIONS CHANNEL FREQUENCY (MHz) TYPE SHIP SHIP TO SHIP TO SHORE DESIG OF TRAFFIC TRANSMIT RECEIVE 156.050 160.650 Public Corresp,Duplex 156.100 160.700 Public Corresp,Duplex 156.150 160.750 Public Corresp,Duplex 156.200 160.800 Public Corresp,Duplex 156.250 160.850 Public Corresp,Duplex 156.300 156.300 Com’l, SAR Ops 156.350 160.950...
  • Page 10: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS General Channels: Transmit: 54 Receive: 54 Controls: On/Off, Volume, Squelch Status Indicators: TX, SCAN, , HI, LO, and MEM,on LCD Panel Channel Display: LCD (Dual 7 segment) Selector Switch: Channel Selector switch Buttons: LITE, 16, MEM, H/L, and STEP Connectors: Antenna, remote speaker, and DC power Size:...
  • Page 11: Warranty

    MC1010 MC1010 Mic,
  • Page 12 © 2001 Uniden Australia Pty Limited Uniden New Zealand Limited Printed in the Philippines UTZZ 01883ZZ...