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Transmitting; Call Function; Channel 88; Dual Watch - Uniden UM423 AM Owner's Manual

Am marine radio
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The UM423 AM radio uses the Inshore Boating
Radio Service Band channels.
Select the desired channel. Press the microphone's PTT
button and speak normally into the microphone. Hold it
approx. 7cm from your mouth. Release the PTT button to
end the transmission and listen for a reply.

Call Function

Use the Call Function to transmit a call (wake up) tone. Press
the [CALL/PA] button on the base. A three second ringing
tone will be transmitted.
You may select from 5 types of tones (see page 14).
Call Tone cannot transmit on Emergency CH88 and CH86.
The Call Tone Function is restricted to one transmission per minute. If a second
transmission is attempted within one minute then an error tone will sound.

Channel 88

Instantly switch to emergency Channel 88.
Press [88/DUAL] on the handset or base.

DUAL Watch

Dual watch will monitor the Priority Channel and the current
channel for activity. Dual watch is suspended when there
is activity and resumes after activity ceases (see Priority
Channel on page 13).
Press and hold [88/DUAL] on the handset or base. DUAL icon
appears and a short tone beep is heard.
To cancel DUAL Watch press and hold [88/DUAL] on the
handset or base. DUAL icon disappears.
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