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Basic Operation; Turning The Radio On And Off; Selecting A Channel; Transmitting And Receiving - Uniden UM525 Owner's Manual

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UM525 Paper Page 21 Tuesday, January 4, 2005 2:54 PM

Basic Operation

Turning the Radio On and Off

Press PWR to turn on the radio. The radio sounds a tone and USER MMSI and a
user MMSI number appear (if you have already set a user MMSI) or NO USER
MMSI appears (if you have not set a user MMSI).
If the radio is set to EMG (emergency) mode or WX (weather) mode, it
automatically tunes to the last channel you selected when you turn it on. Other-
wise, if the radio is in Scan mode, it tunes to the first channel in the scan list.
If the radio is turned on for at least 3 seconds, it remembers the last channel you
tuned when you turn it off. Then, it tunes to that channel when you turn it back on.
If you hold down MENU while turning on the radio, the Contrast level screen
appears. You can use this screen to set the contrast (see "Adjusting the Con-
trast" on Page 44).
Press PWR again to turn off the radio.

Selecting a Channel

Rotate PUSH/SELECT to select a channel. Rotating PUSH/SELECT clockwise
tunes forward through the channels, while rotating PUSH/SELECT counterclockwise
tunes backward through the channels. The channel indicator shows the currently-
tuned channel.
If the radio is set to MRN (marine) mode, channel numbers appear as two digits. If
the radio is set to WX mode, channel numbers appear as one digit.
If A appears next to a channel number, this indicates the channel is in the
simplex mode on the ship station transmit side of an international duplex
You cannot use PUSH/SELECT to select Channel 70. Channel 70 is used only
in DSC mode.

Transmitting and Receiving

To transmit, hold down PTT on the microphone. TX appears. Release PTT to
receive. TX disappears.
If the radio is set to transmit at low power, you can change to high power by
pressing HI/LO/SCRAMBLER while transmitting.
Basic Operation
Basic Operation



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