Cleaning And Care - Beko BK 20 HPLCD Manual

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6.1 Cleaning and care

Warning! Never use gasoline, sol-
vents, abrasive cleaning agents,
metal objects or hard brushes to
clean the appliance.
Warning! Procedures such as
checks, repair, maintenance, part
replacement, etc. performed by the
Authorised Service Provider will def-
initely be carried out in the normal
operating conditions of the product
and where the product is located.
Warning! Before performing a
procedure on the product, power
should definitely be disconnected.
To avoid any possible noises and
leaks after the procedure, all com-
ponents must be mounted carefully
and screws/bolts must be tightened
• An appropriate amount of specially formulated
anti-freeze should be added to the combi boil-
ers which have not been operated for the whole
winter season and have become subject to risk
of freezing (for instance, propylene glycol which
are supported by anti-corrosion and anti-scaling
• Freezing protection function which is available
in the operating system of the combi boiler
steps in when the temperature of the output
water of the combi boiler goes below 5°C and
enables that the burner runs until the water
temperature reaches to 30°C.
32 / EN
Following conditions should be met in order for
the freezing function to work:
1. Power supply of the combi boiler should be on.
2. Gas valve should be open.
3. System (water) pressure should have correct
Combi boiler should not be in blocked position.
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Table of Contents

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