Initial Use; Things To Do For Energy Saving - Beko BK 20 HPLCD Manual

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4.1 Initial use

The initial start-up of the combi boiler must defi-
nitely be performed by the Arçelik Authorised
Service Provider. The following instructions must
be followed before starting the product.
1. Compatibility of the appliance parameters with
the power, water and gas supply systems,
2. Conformity of the assembly with the laws and
3. Suitability of the energy supply of the appliance
and grounding connections.
If the requirements above are not met, the combi
boiler will be out of warranty.
Before starting the appliance, remove the protec-
tive plastic coating from over the appliance. Do not
use a tool or an abrasive detergent to avoid any
painted surface to be damaged.
4.2 Things to do for energy
Instead of switching on/off, the product must be
used maintaining a low temperature.
The recommended temperature is 22 degrees
for living rooms and 20 degrees for bedrooms.
However, you can provide 7% savings on fuel by
decreasing these temperature values by 1 degree.
For this 1-degree decrease, you can use thermo-
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Combi Boiler / User Manual


Table of Contents

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