Flue Connection - Beko BK 20 HPLCD Manual

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3.5 Flue connection

The parts which are required for flue set-up are
given with the appliance. Appliance is designed to
be connected to the horizontal coaxial flue output
(with two pipes, one of them is inside the other).
Only the accessories provided by the manufac-
turer must be used. Otherwise, the warranty will
be void.
3.5.1 Horizontal flue
• When the waste gas is discharged out of the
building, flue should be taken out at least for
18mm and its surrounding should be closed in a
water tight manner to avoid any water leak. The
discharge hole by which the flue is taken out of
the building should be at least 0.7 meter away
from the doors, windows and/or air vents.
• From the appliance to the out, per meter pipe
length, make sure that 1 cm upward slope is ar-
Combi Boiler / User Manual
• Information regarding the flue length is given
in the following table. It shortens the maximum
flue length by 1m for 90° bracket, by 0.5m for
45° bracket. When assembling the appliance
with the standard flue kit, fan throttling shim
which is given with the appliance should be
used in the fan output of the appliance. The
table regarding the use of the throttling shim is
given below.
Flue length (m)
0 ÷ 1
1 ÷ 5
Throttling shim BK 20 HP LCD BK 26 HP LCD
BK 20 HP LCD L max = 5m
BK 26 HP LCD L max = 4m
BK 20 HP LCD L max = 4m
BK 26 HP LCD L max = 3m
Throttling shim
27 / EN


Table of Contents

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