Important Instructions For Safety And Environment - Beko BK 20 HPLCD Manual

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Table of Contents
Important instructions for safety and
This section contains safety in-
structions that will help protect
from risk of personal injury or mate-
rial damage. Failure to follow these
instructions voids any granted war-
1.1 General safety
Always have the installation and
repairing procedures carried out
by the Authorised Service Agent.
Manufacturing firm shall not be
held responsible for damages that
may be caused by unauthorized
1.1.1 Electrical safety
• If the appliance has a failure, it
should not be operated unless
it is repaired by the Authorised
Service Agent. There is the risk of
electric shock!
• The product must be grounded in
accordance with the standards of
TSE (Turkish Standards Institute).
Have the grounding performed by
a qualified electrician. For electri-
cal connection, use TSE-approved
3x1.5 mm2 section NYAF cables.
20 / EN
• Connect your product to a mono-
phase, grounded power supply
of 220-230 V. Your product is
designed to normally function
between a minimum of 195 V
and a maximum of 255 V, as per
the standards. If this range (195
V – 255 V) is not supplied by the
power line in your locality, it is rec-
ommended that you use a voltage
• You need to cut the power sup-
ply to shut off the product com-
pletely. When the combi boiler is
in OFF position, "OFF" symbol will
appear on the display. The product
has current in its electric circuit
and the anti-freeze protection is
• Always unplug the appliance from
the mains supply during installa-
tion, maintenance, cleaning and
• If the power cable is faulty, it
should be replaced by a qualified
person certified by the manufac-
turer, after-sales service or simi-
lar (preferably an electrician) or a
person described by the importer.
Combi Boiler / User Manual


Table of Contents

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