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Gas Safety; Product Safety - Beko BK 20 HPLCD Manual


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Important instructions for safety and

1.1.2 Gas safety

• For installation of the product,
have a natural gas installation pro-
ject drawn up and approved.
• Make sure that the product is set
to be used with the gas provided
by the gas installation. Check the
labels on the box and product.

1.1.3 Product safety

• The product should be mounted
to the wall in a sound way, in a
manner that the coupling ele-
ments can bear the weight of the
• Parts of the product must be dis-
assembled only by the author-
ised service provider. Sealed parts
and components on the product
should in no way be intervened
• Have the initial operation of the
product performed by the Author-
ised Service Provider.
• The product should not be assem-
bled in environments where it can
be exposed to external factors
such as rain and show.
Combi Boiler / User Manual
• Check regularly that the pressure
value read on the manometer is
between 0.7 – 1.5 bars when the
combi boiler is cold.
• In case of high pressure, open the
draining tap and make sure that
the pressure is brought to the de-
sired pressure range.
• In case of low pressure, open the
filling tap and make sure that the
pressure is increased. In order to
prevent formation of air bubbles,
open the filling tap very slowly.
• If the pressure decrease is experi-
enced frequently, contact the au-
thorised service provider.
• Since renewing the water in the
entire system will lead to forma-
tion of harmful scale sediments
inside the combi boiler and heat-
ing components,avoid discharging
the water.
• Protect the product from external,
physical and chemical factors.
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