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2.2 Parameter description

Parameter description
The individual measured values are smoothed by digital filtering. The smoothing can be
adjusted in four steps, in which the smoothing factor k multiplied with cycle time of the
electronic module equals the time constant of the smoothing filter. The greater the
smoothing, the greater the time constant of the filter.
The following diagrams show the step response with the various smoothing factors in
relation to the number of module cycles.
Interference frequency suppression
The 2 AI I 2/4WIRE HF analog input module supports the setting of interference frequency
suppression (50 Hz or 60 Hz) on the interface module. This analog input module
(HIGH FEATURE) also enables the interference frequency suppression to be disabled; i.e.,
this setting can be ignored on the interface module. Disabling interference suppression
improves the conversion and cycle times in these modules.
2 AI I 2/4WIRE HF analog electronic module (6ES7134-4MB02-0AB0)
Manual, 04/2007, A5E01076111-01

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