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Removing And Replacing The Tailstock On A Pcie Adapter - IBM FC EJ08 Manual

Pcie adapters for the 9080-m9s, power systems
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The WWPN for the Fibre Channel IOA can be found by using the Hardware Service Manager in SST or DST
to display details about the 5735 IOA Logical Hardware Resource information, and use the port
worldwide name field.
The 16-digit WWPN can also be determined by appending the digits 1000 to the beginning of the 12-digit
IEEE address that is found on the tailstock label of the Fibre Channel IO adapter.

Removing and replacing the tailstock on a PCIe adapter

Find information about removing and replacing the tailstock on a PCIe adapter. You can replace the
tailstock on an adapter if the adapter has a different tailstock.
Before you begin
You must have removed the PCIe adapter or the adapter filler from the system.
About this task
The tailstock for individual PCIe adapters can be either tall (high-profile) or short (low-profile). New
systems ship with the correct tailstock on the cards already installed. Through unique feature codes, a
miscellaneous equipment specification (MES) also ships with the correct sized tailstock. For repairs,
however, replacement parts usually ship with high-profile tailstock. If the failed adapter was a low-profile
adapter installed in the system, then you must exchange the tall tailstock that was shipped on the
replacement card with the low-profile tailstock from the failed card.
Note: A Phillips screwdriver is required to complete the procedure.
To remove and replace a PCIe adapter tailstock, choose from the following options:
• Removing the tailstock from a failed adapter or adapter filler
• Removing the tailstock from a new adapter
• Replacing the tailstock in a new adapter
Removing the tailstock from a failed adapter or adapter filler
1. Ensure that you have the electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap on and that the ESD clip is plugged
into a ground jack or connected to an unpainted metal surface. If not, do so now.
2. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the two screws (A) that attach the tailstock (B) to the PCIe
adapter, as shown in Figure 18 on page 25.
24 Power Systems: PCIe adapters for the 9080-M9S



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