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Pcie Hot-Plug Manager Access For Aix - IBM FC EJ08 Manual

Pcie adapters for the 9080-m9s, power systems
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Figure 22. Replacing SFP transceivers in the adapter
17. Put the failed PCIe adapter in the shipping material and return it.
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PCIe hot-plug manager access for AIX

Find information about how to service PCIe adapters with the system power on in AIX.
The instructions for servicing PCIe adapters with the system power on in AIX refer you to these
procedures when it is appropriate to perform them.
Note: For an adapter to be serviced with the system power on, both the adapter and the system unit must
support hot-plug procedures. To identify adapters that are hot-pluggable in the system you are servicing,
refer to the following placement information: PCI adapter placement.
Accessing hot-plug management functions
Find information about how to use the PCI hot-plug manager to service PCIe adapters with the system
power turned on in AIX.
About this task
Note: Procedures that are completed with the system power turned on also known as hot-plug
procedures. The hot-plug procedure for PCIe adapter in an AIX system requires the system administrator
to take the PCIe adapter offline before starting the procedure. Before taking an adapter offline, the
devices attached to the adapter must be taken offline as well. This action prevents a service
representative or user from causing an unexpected outage for system users.
To access the hot-plug menus, complete the following steps:
1. Log in as root user.
Installing PCIe adapters in the 9080-M9S system 29



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