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Related Procedures For Installing Pcie Adapters; Avoiding Electric Shock - IBM FC EJ08 Manual

Pcie adapters for the 9080-m9s, power systems
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• If you installed the part for any other reason, verify the installed part. For instructions, see https:// (
19. Turn off the identify LED. For instructions, see Deactivating an identify LED (

Related procedures for installing PCIe adapters

Find procedures that are related to installing PCIe adapters.

Avoiding electric shock

Find information about precautions you should take to avoid electric shock when working on our around a
computer system.
DANGER: When working on or around the system, observe the following precautions:
Electrical voltage and current from power, telephone, and communication cables are hazardous.
To avoid a shock hazard:
• If IBM supplied the power cord(s), connect power to this unit only with the IBM provided power
cord. Do not use the IBM provided power cord for any other product.
• Do not open or service any power supply assembly.
• Do not connect or disconnect any cables or perform installation, maintenance, or reconfiguration
of this product during an electrical storm.
• The product might be equipped with multiple power cords. To remove all hazardous voltages,
disconnect all power cords.
– For AC power, disconnect all power cords from their AC power source.
– For racks with a DC power distribution panel (PDP), disconnect the customer's DC power
source to the PDP.
• When connecting power to the product ensure all power cables are properly connected.
– For racks with AC power, connect all power cords to a properly wired and grounded electrical
outlet. Ensure that the outlet supplies proper voltage and phase rotation according to the
system rating plate.
– For racks with a DC power distribution panel (PDP), connect the customer's DC power source
to the PDP. Ensure that the proper polarity is used when attaching the DC power and DC power
return wiring.
• Connect any equipment that will be attached to this product to properly wired outlets.
• When possible, use one hand only to connect or disconnect signal cables.
• Never turn on any equipment when there is evidence of fire, water, or structural damage.
• Do not attempt to switch on power to the machine until all possible unsafe conditions are
• Assume that an electrical safety hazard is present. Perform all continuity, grounding, and power
checks specified during the subsystem installation procedures to ensure that the machine meets
safety requirements.
• Do not continue with the inspection if any unsafe conditions are present.
• Before you open the device covers, unless instructed otherwise in the installation and
configuration procedures: Disconnect the attached AC power cords, turn off the applicable
circuit breakers located in the rack power distribution panel (PDP), and disconnect any
telecommunications systems, networks, and modems.
22 Power Systems: PCIe adapters for the 9080-M9S



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