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Preparing The 9080-M9S System For Operation After Installing A Pcie Adapter - IBM FC EJ08 Manual

Pcie adapters for the 9080-m9s, power systems
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Figure 14. Installing a PCIe cassette in the 9080-M9S system

Preparing the 9080-M9S system for operation after installing a PCIe adapter

To prepare the system for operation after permanently removing a PCIe adapter, complete the steps in
this procedure.
1. Ensure that you have the electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap on and that the ESD clip is plugged
into a ground jack or connected to an unpainted metal surface. If not, do so now.
2. If you installed a PCIe3 cable adapter, and want to connect an EMX0 PCIe3 expansion drawer to your
system, continue with Connecting an EMX0 PCIe Gen3 I/O expansion drawer to your system (http://
If you have an HMC-managed 9040-MR9 or 9080-M9S system, you can connect and activate the
expansion drawer cable when the system power is turned on. Otherwise, you must connect the cable
with the system power turned off. The cable is activated when you start the system.
3. Connect any cables or transceivers to the adapter.
4. Route the cables through the cable management bracket.
5. Put the cable management bracket in the operating position as shown in the following figure.
a) Pull out the quarter-turn fasteners (B) and turn them to disengage them while moving the cable
management bracket (A) to its lower position.
b) Turn the quarter-turn fasteners (B) to engage and lock the bracket into position.
Installing PCIe adapters in the 9080-M9S system 17



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