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Installing The Aix Device Driver Software - IBM FC EJ08 Manual

Pcie adapters for the 9080-m9s, power systems
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• If you receive a warning indicating that needed device packages are not installed, the system
administrator must install the specified packages before you can configure or diagnose the adapter.
• If you receive a failure message indicating a hardware error, the problem might be either the adapter or
the PCI slot. Isolate the problem by retrying the operation in a different PCI slot, or trying a different
adapter in the slot. If you determine that you have failing hardware, call your service representative.
• Do not use Install/configure devices added after IPL if your system is set up to run HACMP clustering.
Consult with your system administrator or software support to determine the correct method to
configure the replacement device.
Component LEDs
Individual LEDs are located on or near the failing components. Use the information in this section to
interpret the LEDs.
The LEDs are located either on the component itself or on the carrier of the component (for example,
memory card, fan, memory module, or processor). LEDs are either green or amber.
Green LEDs indicate either of the following:
• Electrical power is present.
• Activity is occurring on a link. (The system could be sending or receiving information.)
Amber LEDs indicate a fault or identify condition. If your system or one of the components on your system
has an amber LED turned on or flashing, identify the problem and take the appropriate action to restore
the system to normal.
Resetting the LEDs in AIX
Individual LEDs are located on or near the failing components. You can use this procedure to reset the
LEDs after you have completed a repair action.
About this task
After the repair action is complete, perform the following tasks:
1. Log in as root user.
2. At the command line, type diag.
3. Select Task Selection.
4. Select Log Repair Action.
5. Select the device that was repaired.
6. Press F10 to exit diagnostics.
If the Attention LED remains on after you have completed the repair action and reset the LEDs, call for
service support.

Installing the AIX device driver software

Find information about how to install the AIX device driver software for a PCIe adapter.
Before you begin
If you are installing the AIX operating system at this time, install the adapter before you install the
operating system. When you install the AIX operating system, the adapter device driver is automatically
installed and the following procedure does not apply to your situation.
About this task
If you are installing only the device driver for a PCIe adapter, perform these steps:
Installing PCIe adapters in the 9080-M9S system 31



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