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Installing Or Replacing A Pcie Adapter With The System Power Turned On In A Virtual I/O Server - IBM FC EJ08 Manual

Pcie adapters for the 9080-m9s, power systems
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Installing or replacing a PCIe adapter with the system power turned on in a Virtual I/O
Find information about how to install or replace a PCIe adapter in the Virtual I/O Server logical partition.
Before you begin
The Virtual I/O Server includes a PCIe Hot Plug Manager that is similar to the PCIe Hot Plug Manager in
the AIX operating system. The PCIe Hot Plug Manager allows you to hot plug PCIe adapters into the
system and then activate them for the logical partition without having to reboot the system. Use the PCIe
Hot Plug Manager for adding, identifying, or replacing PCIe adapters in the system that are currently
assigned to the Virtual I/O Server.
Getting started
Before you begin
• If you are installing a new adapter, an empty system slot must be assigned to the Virtual I/O Server
logical partition. This task can be done through dynamic logical partitioning (DLPAR) operations.
• If you are using a Hardware Management Console (HMC), you must also update the logical partition
profile of the Virtual I/O Server so that the new adapter is configured to the Virtual I/O Server after you
restart the system.
• If you are installing a new adapter, ensure that you have the software required to support the new
adapter and determine whether there are any existing PTF prerequisites to install. For information
about software prerequisites, see the IBM Prerequisite website (
About this task
Follow these steps to access the PCIe Hot Plug Manager from the Virtual I/O Server:
1. Use the diagmenu command to open the Virtual I/O Server diagnostic menu.
The menus are similar to the AIX diagnostic menus.
2. Select Task Selection, then press Enter.
3. At the Task Selection list, select PCIe Hot Plug Manager.
Installing a PCIe adapter
About this task
To install a PCIe adapter with the system power on in Virtual I/O Server, complete the following steps:
1. From the PCIe Hot Plug Manager, select Add a PCIe Hot Plug Adapter, then press Enter.
The Add a Hot-Plug Adapter window is displayed.
2. Select the appropriate empty PCIe slot from those listed, and press Enter.
A fast-blinking amber LED located at the back of the server near the adapter indicates that the slot has
been identified.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the adapter until the LED for the specified PCIe slot is
set to the Action state.
a. Set the adapter LED to the action state so that the indicator light for the adapter slot flashes
b. Physically install the adapter
Installing PCIe adapters in the 9080-M9S system 33



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