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Handling Static-Sensitive Devices; Updating The Worldwide Port Name - IBM FC EJ08 Manual

Pcie adapters for the 9080-m9s, power systems
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• Connect and disconnect cables as described in the following procedures when installing,
moving, or opening covers on this product or attached devices.
To Disconnect:
1. Turn off everything (unless instructed otherwise).
2. For AC power, remove the power cords from the outlets.
3. For racks with a DC power distribution panel (PDP), turn off the circuit breakers located in the
PDP and remove the power from the Customer's DC power source.
4. Remove the signal cables from the connectors.
5. Remove all cables from the devices.
To Connect:
1. Turn off everything (unless instructed otherwise).
2. Attach all cables to the devices.
3. Attach the signal cables to the connectors.
4. For AC power, attach the power cords to the outlets.
5. For racks with a DC power distribution panel (PDP), restore the power from the Customer's
DC power source and turn on the circuit breakers located in the PDP.
6. Turn on the devices.
Sharp edges, corners and joints may be present in and around the system. Use care when
handling equipment to avoid cuts, scrapes and pinching. (D005)

Handling static-sensitive devices

Find information about precautions you must take to prevent damage to electronic components from
static electricity discharge.
Electronic boards, adapters, media drives, and disk drives are sensitive to static electricity discharge.
These devices are wrapped in antistatic bags to prevent this damage. Take the following precautions to
prevent damage to these devices from static electricity discharge.
• Attach a wrist strap to an unpainted metal surface of your hardware to prevent electrostatic discharge
from damaging your hardware.
• When you are using a wrist strap, follow all electrical safety procedures. A wrist strap is for static
control. It does not increase or decrease your risk of receiving electric shock when you are using or
working on electrical equipment.
• If you do not have a wrist strap, before you remove the product from ESD packaging and installing or
replacing hardware, touch an unpainted metal surface of the system for a minimum of 5 seconds.
• Do not remove the device from the antistatic bag until you are ready to install the device in the system.
• With the device still in its antistatic bag, touch it to the metal frame of the system.
• Grasp cards and boards by the edges. Avoid touching the components and gold connectors on the
• If you need to lay the device down while it is out of the antistatic bag, lay it on the antistatic bag. Before
you pick it up again, touch the antistatic bag and the metal frame of the system at the same time.
• Handle the devices carefully to prevent permanent damage.
Updating the worldwide port name for a new 5735 IOA
If you exchange a 5735 Fibre Channel input/output adapter (IOA), the IBM external storage subsystem
must be updated to use the worldwide port name (WWPN) of the new 5735 IOA. Any SAN hardware that
uses the WWPN zoning might also need updating.
For instructions on how to update the external storage subsystem or SAN hardware configurations, see
the documentation for those systems.
Installing PCIe adapters in the 9080-M9S system 23



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