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Handling Precautions - Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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Handling Precautions

To obtain the optimum performance from the LF600F, LF610F, LF602F and LF612F converter for years of
continuous operation, observe the following precautions.
(1) Do not store or install the flowmeter in:
・Places where there is direct sunlight.
・Places where there is snow and ice
Infrared switches may not function correctly.
・Places where excessive vibration or mechanical shock occurs.
・Places where high temperature or high humidity conditions obtain.
・Places where corrosive atmospheres exist.
・Places submerged under water.
・Places where there is a sloped floor. To put the flowmeter temporarily on the floor,
place it carefully with something, such as a block, to support it so that the flowmeter
will not topple over.
・Places where there is following factors.
Factors to impede infrared switch to operate properly
・Intense light such as direct sunlight and reflected sunlight by window glass or metal plate
・Place where brightness changes suddenly such as ON/OFF of lighting
・Dense smoke or steam near the control panel
・Those attached on the control panel such as rain (dew drop), snow, ice, mud and oil, and
haze due to their attachment
・Light reflecting object near the control panel, or reflecting object such as metal plate
placed opposing to the control panel
When any of above factors is considered, take a measure for the proper operation of
infrared switch such as to place a cover or to secure a space for at least a person to stand in
front of the control panel.
When unable to avoid above factors, operate the EMF converter removing the factor by
covering the control panel by hand so that light does not shine on it, by cleaning those
attached on the control panel, or by standing in-between the reflecting object and the
control panel to block the light.
(2) Wire cables correctly and securely.
Be sure to ground at the converter side (grounding resistance 100Ω or less).
Avoid a common ground used with other equipment where earth current may flow. An
independent ground is preferable
(3) Select cable paths away from electrical equipment (motors, transformers, or radio
transmitters), which causes electromagnetic or electrostatic interference.
(4) The apparatus should not be provided with the cable connections.
Please prepare yourself for the cable connections which could be used in Division2
hazardous locations.
The cable lead-in section must be tightened securely to keep air tightness.
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Table of Contents

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