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Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual page 6

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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Safety Precautions for Maintenance and Inspection
Do not conduct wiring work with wet hands.
Wet hands may result in
electric shock.
Do not use a fuse other than the one
Using a fuse other than the one
specified can cause system
failure, damage or malfunction.
Use a rated fuse as follows:
Fuse rating:
• 1A/250V for 100 to 240Vac or 110Vdc
• 2A/150V for 24 Vdc
Dimensions: Diameter 5 mm × 20 mm
Melting time characteristic: Medium Acting
Usage limitation
This product is not manufactured for applying to a system requiring safety directly involved
human life as follows. Please contact your nearest Toshiba reprehensive if there is a possibility of
using this product for such use.
- Main control systems of nuclear power plants, safety protection systems in nuclear
facilities or other important systems requiring safety
- Medical control systems relating to life support
Warranty and Limitation of Liability
Toshiba does not accept liability for any damage or loss, material or personal, caused as a direct or indirect
result of the operation of this product in connection with, or due to, the occurrence of any event of force
majeure (including fire or earthquake) or the misuse of this product, whether
intentional or accidental.
(Normal blow)
- 5 -
Do not conduct wiring work when power is
Wiring while power is applied can
cause electric shock.
Do not touch the LF414/LF600F, LF610F and
LF414 main body when high temperature
fluid is being measured.
The fluid raises the main body
temperature and can cause burns
when touched.
The label shown left is placed near
the terminal board for power input
of the converter. (A black border and
symbol on yellow triangle)
Be alert to electric shock.


Table of Contents

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