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Maintenance - Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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7.1 Maintenance

Adhesion might be created in the detectore over a long period of time when used on certain
Try to confirm whether to cause the adhesion in the detector pipe when the phenomenon is seen, and and an
abnormality (ex. decreasing indication, etc.) is confirmed.
Please clean with a soft brush etc. and remove any unnecessary build up inside the meter. When using it in the
line to which such a phenomenon occurs easily, it is recommended that the detector pipe be cleaned regularly.
Use new gaskets when reinstalling the flowmeter detector in the pipeline.
Mag-Prover Built-In Calibrator
The converter LF60*F and LF61*F has a built-in reference signal calibration and verification circuit that allows you
to re-verify the original magmeter flow lab calibration without the need for external devices. This reference signal
can be used to check the zero and span of the converter for the purpose of instrumentation maintenance
or periodical inspection. Refer to combined converter's manual.
Operative life
The operative life of this flowmeter is 10 years from the date of shipment.
The life of the flowmeter differs depending on the environmental conditions and the way it was used. To extend
the life of the flowmeter, inspect the flowmeter periodically and clean or replace components if necessary.
Product disposal
The electromagnetic flowmeter must be disposed of, according to the rules and regulations of your local
Especially if you dispose of electrolytic capacitors to replace parts, have it done by an agency which is
licensed to handle industry waste materials.
The fuse can be taken out by unscrewing the cap of the fuse holder. Check that the fuse is not
damaged. The fuse has to be replaced periodically. The recommended replacement period is 3 years.
Type of fuse used:
Note: Use a fuse that complies with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.
Check/Replacement of the display unit
When characters displayed on the LCD display become thin or blots come out, please adjust the setting of
LCD's display density. If the display is still not improved, the display unit comes to the end of its life. Please
replace the display unit with a new one. In order to use the display unit stably for a long time, it is preferable
to replace it early. For inspection and replacement, please contact your nearest Toshiba representative.
Power supply unit
Electronic components deteriorate faster when the ambient temperature is high. The life of the power
supply unit in the converter is 9 to 10 years if the ambient temperature is 40°C, and 5 to 6 years if it is
50° C. To extend the life of the flowmeter, we recommend you replace the power supply unit early.
Contact your nearest Toshiba representative for a flowmeter inspection or unit replacement.
Glass tube fuse , Medium Acting type (normal blow) 1 piece
1A/250 V for 100 to 240 Vac and 110Vdc power supply
2A/150V for 24Vdc power supply
Diameter 5 mm × 20 mm
(also used for excitation board)
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Table of Contents

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