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Grounding - Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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4.4 Grounding

Do not wire cables and replace parts
when power is supplied.
Wiring work and replacing
parts in the power-on state
may cause electric shock.
(1) Grounding of the LF414/LF600F, LF414/LF610F type
Ground as shown in Figure 4.10. Make the grounding wire as short as possible. Use grounding
wire material of IV wire 5.5mm
instruments where grounding current may flow. (An independent grounding is preferable.)
Conductive material pipe
Example: Metal, etc.
• If the piping material is conductive, connect
the grounding wires to the both ends of the
piping flange.
Grounding terminal
Figure 4.10 Grounding the LF414/LF600F, LF414/LF610F Type
Do not work on piping and wiring with wet hands.
Wet hands may result in electric shock.
or more. Do not share a grounding wire with other
Grounding wire
• If the piping material is non-conductive, perform
grounding (grounding resistance 100Ω or less).
- 28 -
Piping of non-conductive material
Example: Resin or metal piping whose
inside is resin-lined, etc.
grounding resistance
100Ω or less


Table of Contents

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