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Installation Procedure - Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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4.2.2 Installation Procedure

To mount the LF414, place it between the upstream and downstream pipe flanges and tighten
it with flange bolts and nuts. See Figure 4.4 and follow the procedure below:
Insert two lower mounting bolts through the clearance holes in the upstream (or downstream)
pipe flange.
Install a packing next to the upstream (or downstream) flange face and the other packing next
to the downstream (or upstream) pipe flange. The two mounting bolts can now be guided
through the clearance holes in the downstream packing and flange.
Place the LF414 flowmeter detector between the two flange packings, with the flowmeter
detector body above the two bolts. The flowmeter must be oriented in accordance with the
flow direction arrow.
Install the two upper mounting bolts through the clearance holes in the upstream and downstream
packings and flanges. Then install the remaining mounting bolts depending on the flange pattern used.
Thread nuts on both ends of the 4 (or more) mounting bolts, finger tight. (See Table 4.1 Bolt length and
tightening torque)
While centering the flowmeter with the longitudinal axis of the pipeline, tighten the nuts with a
wrench diagonally across in even increments. (See Table 4.1 Bolt length and tightening torque)
Note that the flowmeter detector pipe axis must be aligned with the pipeline axis on both
upstream and downstream sides. This is essential to have stable characteristics of flow
measurement (especially for flowmeters with meter sizes of 50 mm or less).
When high-temperature fluid is being measured, radiant heat from the detector pipe surface and
adjoining pipes may cause the ambient temperature of the converter to go above 60 °C. If the
ambient temperature goes above 60° C, try to lower the temperature by measures such as wrapping
heat-insulating materials over the detector pipe and adjoining pipes.
Figure 4.4 LF414 flowmeter detector piping connections
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