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Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual page 2

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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We thank you very much for your purchase of our LF414 series electromagnetic flowmeter detector.
Integral type LF414/LF600F, LF414/LF610F
Separate type detector LF414
This instruction manual describes the notes on using an electromagnetic flowmeter detector,
installation, configuration and maintenance. It is intended for the personnel in charge of installation,
operation and maintenance.
To use this product properly and safely, read this manual (6F8A0870) carefully before using this
product. After reading this manual, store it in a place where it can be referred to whenever needed.
This manual uses the following markers to identify the integral type or separate type when it describes
items specific to the integrated type or separate type. Items without this marker are common items to the
integral type and separate type.
Integral type LF414/LF600F, LF414/LF610F:
Separate type detector LF414:
Toshiba LF414 electromagnetic flowmeter detectors can be used in combination with various types of
electromagnetic flowmeter converters (LF600F, LF610F, LF602F and LF612F).
For the notes on usage, connecting, wiring, installation, configuration and maintenance of the
combined converter, check the model number of the combined converter and read the instruction
manual of the relevant converter.
About Safety Precautions
Read the Safety Precautions described at the front carefully and understand the contents
before using this product.
The "Safely symbols" used in the "Safety Precautions" are shown in a location such as
in the margin to the left of the corresponding commentary in the main text.
1. The reproduction of the contents of this Manual in any form, whether wholly or in
part, is not permitted without explicit prior consent and approval.
2. The information contained in this Manual is subject to change or review without
prior notice.
3. Be sure to follow all safety, operating and handling precautions described in this
Manual and the regulations in force in the country in which this product is to be
5th Edition
Apr, 2008
First Edition
September, 2005
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Table of Contents

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