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Product Inspection And Storage; Product Inspection; Storage - Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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1. Product Inspection and Storage

1.1 Product Inspection

LF414 series electromagnetic flowmeter is shipped in a cardboard container filled with shock-absorbing
materials. Open the package carefully and check as follows:
Make sure the following items are included in the package.
For the integral type (when a converter and detector are united)
Electromagnetic flowmeter main unit --------------------------------- 1 unit
Instruction manual---------------- One each for the converter and detector
For the separate type (when a converter and detector are separated)
Electromagnetic flowmeter converter---------------------------------- 1 unit
Electromagnetic flowmeter detector ----------------------------------- 1 unit
Instruction manual---------------Once each for the converter and detector
Inspect the flowmeter for indications of damage that may have occurred during shipment.
Make sure the type and specifications of the flowmeter are in accordance with the ordered
If you cannot find the items listed above or any problem exists, contact your nearest Toshiba representative.
1.2 Strage
To store the electromagnetic flowmeter after opening the package, select a storing place as follows and
keep it under the conditions described below:
(1) Avoid places where there is direct sunlight, rain or wind.
(2) Store the product in a well-ventilated place. Avoid places of extremely high humidity or
extremely high or low temperature. The following environment is recommended:
Humidity range: 10 to 90% RH (no condensation)
Storage temperature: –25 to +65° C
(3) Avoid places where vibrations or mechanical shock occur.
(4) If the cover of the converter is left open while being stored, gradual deterioration of circuit
isolation can be caused. Therefore don't open the cover until it is connected with wires.
(5) To put the flowmeter temporarily on the floor, place it carefully with something, such as
block orstopper, to support it so that the flowmeter will not topple over.
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Table of Contents

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