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Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual page 36

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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(3) Connecting the input signal cable
Strip the sheath from the end of each conductor of a 2-core individually shielded cable as shown in Figure
5.4. Twist those shields and cover them with a thermal contraction tube or vinyl tube not to make contact
with the case or core wires. Then attach an M3.5 crimping terminal with insulated sleeve as shown in Figure
5.3. Connect a crimping terminal to the A and B terminals on the terminal block and connect to each G
terminal of the detector and converter.
● Notes on signal cable shield processing work
When stripping an external sheath, intermediate and insulated sheath, be careful not to scratch or cut the
internal conductors and shield mesh. Do not disjoint the shield mesh but treat it as shown in Figure 5.9.
Shield mesh
A Black
G Shield
B White
Figure 5.3 Terminal Treatment of Flow Rate Signal Cable
Coated wire
Figure 5.4 Treating the Signal Cable Shield Mesh
M3.5 crimping terminal
Thermal contraction tube or vinyl tube
a. Open the shield mesh with a pencil or the like.
b. Pull out the internal coated wires from the hole of the
shielded mesh.
c. Pull out all internal coated wires and extend the shield mesh
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Table of Contents

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