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Overview - Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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2. Overview

The LF414/LF600F, LF414/LF610F and LF414 electromagnetic flowmeter can be use in the
following hazardous (classified) locations.
This product is a converter used for electromagnetic flowmeters that measure the volumetric flow rate of
conductive fluid using Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.
You can bring out the functions of the converter when you place it in the converter housing you
prepare and use it in combination with a fluid rate measurement detector.
The converter sends out a signal to drive the detector excitation coil, which generates a magnetic field inside
the detector. The converter receives the signal electromotive force obtained by the detector. The signal
electromotive force is proportional to the generated flow rate in the fluid using Faraday's law of
electromagnetic induction. After carrying out its operation, the converter converts the signal electromotive
force to an analog signal output and displays the status, as a flow rate value.
With a linear relationship between the flow rate and output signal, the electromagnetic flowmeter is
used as an easy-to-read indicator. In addition to this feature, it has the following outstanding features:
(1) Wide flow velocity range setting, such as a flow velocity range of 0~0.1 and 0~10m/s, is achieved.
(2) The unique Noise Sentry filter circuit enables you to obtain stable output automatically.
(3) Full graphic LCD that enables display of a large amount of information
With a large amount of a maximum of 14 characters x 8 lines, you can easily set up various displays
including bar graphs and alarm indications.
The backlight display allows you to read the indicator easily.
(4) Use of infrared switches
Use of infrared switches allows you to perform various operations, without opening the converter
housing cover.
(5) Intelligent functions
The widely used HART protocol communications system is used as a standard feature.
This product supports PROFIBUS
* 1 HART protocol: "HART" stands for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer and is a
* 2 PROFIBUS:PROFIBUS, which stands for PROCESS FIELDBUS, is a field bus that is approved by
international standard IEC61158. The electromagnetic flowmeter supports PRFIBUS PA for process
ClassⅠ, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D,
ClassⅡ, Division 2, Groups E, F and G
communication protocol recommended by HCF (HART communication
Foundation) for industrial sensors.
communication (optionally available).
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Table of Contents

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