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Toshiba LF414 Instruction Manual page 8

Electromagnetic flowmeter detector
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Handling Precautions (continued)
(5) If the inside of the converter and detector's terminal box are wetted or humidified, it may
cause insulation deterioration, which can result in fault or noise occurrence. So do not
conduct wiring in the open air on rainy days.
Also, be careful not to wet down the converter and detector's terminal box even in the case
of indoor wiring, and complete wiring work in a short period of time.
(6) Observe the following precautions when you open the converter housing cover:
Do not open the cover in the open air unprotected against rain or wind. This can
cause electric shock or cause damage to the flowmeter electronics.
Do not open the cover under high ambient temperature or high humidity
conditions or in corrosive atmospheres. This can cause deterioration of system
accuracy or cause damage to the flowmeter electronics.
(7) Since a varistor is built in converter, do not conduct a withstand voltage test for the
In addition, the voltage for checking the insulation of the converter must be 250VDC
or lower.
(8) This product may cause interference to radio and television sets if they are used near
the installation site. Use metal conduits etc. for cables to prevent this interference.
(9) Radio transmitters such as transceivers or cellular phones may cause interference to the
flowmeter if they are used near the installation site. Observe the following precautions
when using them:
Close a transmitter cover before using a transceiver.
Do not use a transceiver whose output power is more than 5 W.
Move the antenna of a transceiver or a cellular phone at least 50 cm away from the
flowmeter and signal cables when using it.
Do not use a radio transmitter or a cellular phone near the flowmeter while it is
operating online. The transmitter or cellular phone's output impulse noise may interfere
with the flowmeter.
Do not install a radio transmitter antenna near the flowmeter and signal cables.
(10) For reasons of flowmeter failure, inappropriate parameters, unsuitable cable
connections or poor installation conditions, the flowmeter may not operate properly. To
prevent any of these problems causing a system failure, it is recommended that you
have preventive measures designed and installed on the flowmeter signal receiving
(11) For installation and connection of the converter, check the model number of
converter and read the instruction manual of the relevant converter.
* We assume no responsibility for nonconformity caused by violation of precautions described in this
manual or used in violation of the installation method and the operation method stipulated in a
relevant ordinance or other regulations.
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Table of Contents

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