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General - Siemens SINAMICS G130 Operating Instructions Manual

Motor reactors
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Motor reactors reduce the voltage load on the motor windings by reducing the voltage
gradients at the motor terminals that occur during converter operation. At the same time, the
capacitive charge/discharge currents that occur at the converter output when long motor
cables are used are reduced.
The maximum output frequency when a motor reactor is used is 150 Hz.
Non-observance of the fundamental safety instructions and residual risks
The non-observance of the fundamental safety instructions and residual risks stated in
Chapter 1 can result in accidents with severe injuries or death.
• Adhere to the fundamental safety instructions.
• When assessing the risk, take into account residual risks.
Fire through overheating due to insufficient ventilation clearances
Inadequate ventilation clearances can cause overheating with a risk for personnel through
smoke development and fire. Furthermore, an increased number of failures and shorter
service life of the components can occur.
• Maintain 100 mm ventilation clearances above and to the side of the component.
Burns resulting from high surface temperature of the motor reactor
The surface temperature of the motor reactors can exceed 80 °C. You can get seriously
burnt when touching the surface.
• Mount the motor reactor so that it cannot be touched. If this is not possible, attach a
Motor reactors
Operating Instructions, 11/2017, A5E00409660A
clearly visible and understandable warning notice at hazardous positions.



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