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Siemens SINAMICS G130 Operating Instructions Manual page 9

Motor reactors
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Spread of fire from built-in devices
In the event of fire outbreak, the enclosures of built-in devices cannot prevent the escape of
fire and smoke. This can result in serious personal injury or property damage.
• Install built-in units in a suitable metal cabinet in such a way that personnel are
• Ensure that smoke can only escape via controlled and monitored paths.
Failure of pacemakers or implant malfunctions due to electromagnetic fields
Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are generated by the operation of electrical power equipment,
such as transformers, converters, or motors. People with pacemakers or implants in the
immediate vicinity of this equipment are at particular risk.
• If you have a heart pacemaker or implant, maintain a minimum distance of 2 m from
Unexpected movement of machines caused by radio devices or mobile phones
When radio devices or mobile phones with a transmission power > 1 W are used in the
immediate vicinity of components, they may cause the equipment to malfunction.
Malfunctions may impair the functional safety of machines and can therefore put people in
danger or lead to property damage.
• If you come closer than around 2 m to such components, switch off any radio devices or
• Use the "SIEMENS Industry Online Support App" only on equipment that has already
Motor fire in the event of insulation overload
There is a greater load on the motor insulation as result of a ground fault in an IT system. If
the insulation fails, it is possible that death or severe injury can occur as a result of smoke
and fire.
• Use a monitoring device that signals an insulation fault.
• Correct the fault as quickly as possible so the motor insulation is not overloaded.
Motor reactors
Operating Instructions, 11/2017, A5E00409660A
protected against fire and smoke, or take other appropriate measures to protect
electrical power equipment.
mobile phones.
been switched off.
Safety information
1.1 General safety instructions



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