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Electrical Installation - Siemens SINAMICS G130 Operating Instructions Manual

Motor reactors
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Electrical installation

When connecting the motor reactor, you must take into account the following conditions to
ensure that it functions correctly:
● With analog control cables, connecting the shield at both ends can result in coupled-in
noise. To prevent this, the shield must only be connected at one end on the Power
● Control cables must be routed separately from power cables. Power cables are motor
cables or connecting cables from the DC link of the Power Module (terminals
DCPA/DCNA) to other components (e.g. Braking Module). In particular, you must ensure
that control cables and power cables are not routed in parallel in a joint cable raceway,
even if all the cables are shielded.
● You must use shielded motor cables. The shield for the motor cable must be attached to
the shield plate and motor housing.
● The ground wire for the motor must be fed directly back to the Power Module.
Connection overview
Figure 4-1
Motor reactors
Operating Instructions, 11/2017, A5E00409660A
Connecting the motor reactor and Power Module



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