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Chapter 5 - Voicemail - Cisco 8800 Series User Manual

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Table of Contents
Step 1 Display a Recents record.
Step 2 Press Options.
Step 3 Press Add to address book.
Delete a Call Record
Step 1 Press Applications
Step 2 Select Recents.
Step 3 Choose to view all recent calls, or to view a certain kind of recent call.
• All Calls
• Missed Calls
• Received Calls
• Placed Calls
Step 4 Press Select.
Step 5 Highlight the individual record or call group that you want to delete.
Step 6 Press Delete entry.
Step 7 Press Delete again to confirm.
Step 8 Press Back.
Delete All Call Records
You can delete all call history records on your phone.
Step 1 Press Applications
Step 2 Select Recents.
Step 3 Press Recents.
Step 4 Select Option > delete All.
Step 5 Press Delete again to confirm.
Your Voicemail Account
You can access your voice messages directly from your phone. But your administrator must set up your voicemail
account, and may also set up your phone to access the voicemail system.
The Messages
When you aren't at your desk, you can call your voicemail system to access your voicemail. Your administrator
can give you the voicemail system phone number.
24 |
P a g e
button on your phone acts as a speed dial into the voicemail system.
Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series User Guide

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Table of Contents

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