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Redial A Number; Speed Dial - Cisco 8800 Series User Manual

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Table of Contents
Step 1 Plug in a headset.
Step 2 Enter a number using the keypad.
Step 3 Press Headset

Redial a Number

You can call the most recently dialed phone number.
Step 1 (Optional) Select a line.
Step 2 Press Redial.
Make an Emergency Call
Use your phone to make an emergency call, similar to any other call. When you dial the emergency number, your
emergency services get your phone number and location so that they can assist you.
If your call disconnects, the emergency services can call you back.
Before you begin
Your phone must be set up to obtain your physical location. Emergency services personnel need your location to
find you when you make an emergency call.
Enter the emergency number and lift the handset.

Speed Dial

Speed Dial allows you to press a button, enter a preset code, or select a phone screen item to place a call. You
can configure the speed dial from the phone screen and also from the phone web page.
You can edit, delete, and validate a speed-dial code.
Assign a Speed-Dial Code from the Phone Screen
You can configure a speed-dial index from your phone screen. You can also assign a speed-dial code from the
phone web page.
Step 1 Press Applications
Step 2 Select Speed dial.
Step 3 Scroll to an unassigned speed-dial index.
Step 4 Press Edit and do one of the following:
• Enter the name and number.
• Select Option > Select from contact to select a contact from the address book.
Step 5 Select Save
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Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series User Guide

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Table of Contents

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